Tips for projects

Hi everyone! I made this discussion as a place to just suggest tips for hopscotch projects, and talk about previous projects too! Thanks for reading!


Hi there, I don’t think that this types of topics are allowed.
Since discussions can bring unnecessary stuff to topics, they are not allowed on the forum (For example see below, section a). However, you can suggest tips for projects by creating a topic! (For examples see below, section b)

Section A
A random person: Hi, I have a really great tip!
Someone else: Oh wow! I really love that tip! Thank you so much!
*TIP: If you have a good tip and really want to post it, put it in the YCTAYHCH, here.

Section B
You can refer to thee topics for ideas that won’t break the guidelines:

  1. Hopscotch Tips and Tricks
  2. Oh and probably here: Tips and Tricks in hopscotch (code based) - #4 by Cktennis5 (why am I posting my own topic lol)

As always, have fun :>
We’re all here to help


Hey there,

This is a pretty cool topic, and I’d love to hear more about all of your tips and projects as well! However, we already have a topic that you can use for general project discussion, which can be found here:

You can use this topic to share small tips and tricks, talk about how your projects are made, and post status updates


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