Tips for Noobs and regular! -WIP



The title says it all! Welcome to the help topic where you can find certain things that may help and some that may come in handy!
If you want to add any tips please ask permission then edit this!

Some phrases that might come in handy

is some shortened phrases that might come in handy

  • TYSM thank you so much!

  • XD : XD mainly means your laughing, it's sorta like LOL (it is like this emoji :laughing: but turned on its side and converted into text)

  • GBOT or LGBOT you might rarely see this, but it means Get Back On Topic, or Let's Get Back On Topic

  • NVM never mind

  • jk Just kidding

  • TTYL talk to you later

  • HS hopscotch

  • tbh to be honest

  • SYS See You Soon!

  • brb be right back

  • gtg got to go

The last two are used a lot so they might come in handy

If you're using any of the above phrases and your wondering about the twenty character rule, Then you came to the right place!

How to cover the twenty character rule
  1. Go to settings and tap on general

  2. Scroll down and tap Keyboard which should be below date and time

  3. Scroll down then tap on shortcuts

  4. Press the cross at the top right corner and write the phrase and meaning

  5. Now when you type the shortened phrase there will be a option to make it the long version

Another way

Here's another way to solve some of the twenty character rule:
If your typing something less than 20 characters you can just simply < do this! > although without the spaces between the first letter and < and the last and >

If you want to see topics that the community is making put yourself in the OMTL
The OMTL is the Offical Mass Tag List that people publish to get attention to their topic! So watch out for notifications if you add yourself there and make sure you're a member or you can tag me to edit you in there by simply typing @Dolphin_coders

Tips for regulars!

Once you have been promoted to regular you might want to know some tips and how it's different from being a member.

How it's different
  1. You can edit tags and title! -please ask the owner of the topic first though

  2. you can add your post to wiki! -if you want people to add tags to your post or their opinion to things add your post to wiki!

  3. You can access topics in the lounge! - Only regulars & leaders can see the lounge

  4. Change the category of a topic! -you can change topics from a category if one suits it better

Now with the list above, you are probably wondering what most of them are so here's the answers

What does Wiki mean?

Wiki means that anybody that is a member or higher can edit your post, here's some simple steps on how to add a post or topic to wiki
1. Post a topic or a reply

  1. Tap the three dots on the bottom right corner of the reply

  2. Tap wrench and tap make Wiki

And Wola! You have made your post Wiki, now on the top left post it should be green -if a post is ever green in that spot it means you can edit it

How to edit the title tags or category

with these steps you can edit the title, tags or category
1. Ask the owner of the topic! Scroll to the top to see who made it!

  1. Scroll to the top and tap the black pencil next to the title

  2. Edit the tags, title or category to a sensible one

And Vola you have changed the topic!

Some people who may need help



FIRST hello I like your topic


Thanks! I'm gonna edit it a lot with more tips that you probably alreday know XD anyways do you wanna add any tips? @Houseelf87


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Ya, thanks. Now I know what brb or XD or all the other abriviations mean


Your welcome @FunDardo

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Cool topic, dolphy!
Very helpful


can i add 'sbyp: search before you post' to some phrarses that might come in handy


I don't really think you should. Almost everyone uses it and I think it is overused.


Sorry about editing, I misread it


If it is overused, why should people not know what it means?


Because. Then maybe less and less people will use it. Would you use a word that you didn't know the meaning of?


Why is it overused? Clogging up the forum is annoying


Ok. I just said something simple. I don't have to be questioned continuously for it.

I don't think that duplicate topics are ok, but just saying "SBYP" is very helpful either.

There are other ways to say that. It gets annoying seeing that always.


Nah! I don't wanna start arguments thanks for the idea but it might causse negativity

@Artistic_cat @lollypopcorn do you think you could add anything?


I would, but I think everything I know has already been added XD


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