Tips for New Hopscotchers


Hi! This is Programmed Cat but a lot of people know me as KittyyCodingg! Since I quit my new account and started again I would just like to give some advice to new accounts cause I'm technically a new account:grin::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.
1.Follow and like lots of projects, people my follow back and like.
2.Post lots of projects
3. I found that making movies, starting a club, and using leave a trail blocks get lots of likes.
4. Do scrollable website forms
5. Be nice!
6. You won't get loads of followers over night so be patient and keep trying!
That's all I can think of for now but if you have anymore please comment them!


Great! Thanks it will come in handy.
Another tip: Always put your branding so people won't steal your projects


I started Hopscotch at the bottom like everyone else and I found it so frustrating because why wasn't I as good as everyone else? I quit Hopscotch for a couple of months and then I realised that I missed it, badly! I believe that your life on Hopscotch is a rollercoaster, it will have good points and bad points. In the summer holidays I had an AMAZING time with Hopscotch, getting sooo many projects on trending or featured, but then it slowed down and back too its original pace, ten likes a project, and I realsie to be truly successful on Hopscotch you have to be dedicated like Valgo:zap:️:zap::zap:️, Yummy Muffin :cherry_blossom:, MagmaPop, T1, and soooooo many others!

Thank you @ProgrammedCat for making this topic because it is great to give compliments and to say why you love something!


I have a tip that helped me a lot when I first came to Hopscotch: when you see a cool feature of a project, press See Code to look behind the scenes and try to see how it works.

It might be you want to find out how they made gravity, or how they made an awesome animation. Try searching through the code and go through it line by line, picturing what it does and how it works. You can even play around with the numbers and see what happens.

I learnt so much from other Hopscotchers by doing this, and if it weren't for that I would hardly know any coding :smiley: