Tips for making useful topics!




I did SBYP! I didn't find any topics like this.

Making good topics is a hard thing to do. Here are some tips.


This means search before you post! We don't need ten different topics on one question!

is it related?

All posts need to be related to hopscotch in some way. Also, make sure all replies are on topic.

Mass Tagging

Only use the friendly mass tag list once for a topic. I don't know about other people, but I don't need five tags for one topic!

Dont Over Use Emojis

Which post is easier to read.
This: I need Help coding a game. Does anyone want to help me? :grinning::video_game:

Or this: I need help :tired_face: Coding a game​:video_game::video_game::video_game::video_game::video_game::video_game:. Does anyone :thinking::thinking: want to help me?:grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:

You probably said the first one! Don't overuse emojis!

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Here are some useful topics on forum tricks and tips:

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To Leaders And Mods!

Is this good? Do you think these tips are useful? Did I give any misinformation?

I'm new to the forum! 😜
Help with Hopscotch?
Welcome Ailey to the Forum :D
My First Time On The HS Forum!
Hey guys I just joined the forum but I'm a long time hopper
Hi! I'm new to the forum
SlimeyPancake's General Topic (pancake, slime and biscuit lovers allowed) 🥞🍪🍵
Hi everybody! New here!
I have just joined!😄😄

This is great advice! Here's a like! :heart:


Nice topic about how to make good topics!


I actually made two topics SIMILAR to this..


But that's okay! You can have one of everything!


Sorry! I Searched but I didn't find anything..
Kinda embarrassing considering one of my tips was SBYP and I didn't even search enough..


That's okay!

Can't have one of everything!