Tips for becoming a good coder



So I decided I would share a few tips with you guys on how to become a good coder. You can share your tips here, too!

Practice. Practice. Practice.

Let's face it, you're not going to create the next big title right after jumping into the world of code. What you can do is develop your skills so that when that big idea hits you, you can actually make it. Here'a some essential skills that you can practice:

What does ___ block of code do?

Before you start making tons of stuff, you need to know the basics. This includes learning what a lot of the blocks of code do on hopscotch. You can do this however you need to. You can ask another hopscotcher (like me), or just play around with said block of code. It's pretty hard to make anything with just a few select types of blocks of code.

Problem solving

Problem solving is a HUGE part of coding. I use it all the time to fix bugs in cool things I make, even in places like hopscotch! Even people like me don't get everything perfect the first time. Here's what I reccomend to all of you who need to get better at problem solving: give yourself challenges. If you come up with a crazy but do-able idea for something to code, try it! You might wind up learning not just more problem solving skills, but other stuff, too.

Ask for help

Let's say you have a great idea for a game, but you can't figure out how to do something to make this game work. Ask someone on the forums. This is a perfect place to get help with hopscotch. There are lots of people here who can help! Don't be afraid to tag someone (@ExamplePersonHere) if you think they can help you!

Have fun

Why code if you don't enjoy it? Instead of making something boring, make something that appeals to you! A lot of people learn better when they aren't bored or confused.

Don't give up

If something doesn't work perfectly the first time, that doesn't mean you can't improve it. Keep trying, see what works. Don't just leave and never come back. To be completely honest, I suffer from this problem a LOT. I need to work on it, too. I have learned from experience that not giving up produces better results than giving up.

If you have any tips, be sure to share them down below! I hope this helps!


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