Tips and Tricks in hopscotch (code based)

Tips And Tricks In Hopscotch
Ok so here I will post my tips and tricks in hopscotch that you can use in your project! You might know some of them, never mind. I’m just gonna share it so anyone who hasn’t use it before can use it.

Fade in and fade out
Fade in and fade out can be easy! Here is a project!

Use somebody’s username by asking
You can ask for someone’s hopscotch username and use it! Here you go!

Modify a project using the app Shortcut. (Requires time and patient)
Did you know you can modify a project? Here is a topic about it! And I still use it :smiley:

Use FAKE scenes
You can use fake scenes! By using broadcast message, it won’t cover but yeah…here is an example:

That’s it for now! If you have idea say below and I will add it!


Also tag me if you want me to tag you when there is another tips and tricks I don’t expect anyone would…


Ooh nice idea :slight_smile:


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I’d like to be tagged!!!

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Oh ok! I didn’t know anyone would like that… and I will tag you if there is a new tricks and tips I would like to introduce.


ThX :slight_smile: uwu

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So basically what we did before scenes lol, but using broadcast message instead of a variable.

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Im going to see this topic if I forgot EVERYTHING in hopscotch!

This is really helpful for Begginer Coders!

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This is a really cool topic, and I like how well structured it is. Great job!


Thanks everyone!

Scenes I use variables for them, like “ when (screen) = 1, set invisibility to 0.
Stuff like dat

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Ok… it’s up to you :slight_smile:

Don’t mind me I bump my own project it is not as painful.

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@creationsofavillager yes you forgot how to make something explode(lol).

Explode? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: