Tiny Wings Game



To everyone, (but I'd really like @MagmaPOP to see this!)

Is there any way to make a "Tiny Wings" game? It's the game in which you press to gather momentum as you travel down the hill, then release to fly. I spent a week working on a Hospcotchified version but I became very confused. I tried all the possible code options I could come up with, but I'm still stuck! This is NOT me asking for a collaboration project @MagmaPOP, but I thought this game concept would be something you might want to work on! Sorry to bug you if you didn't want to be tagged. If anyone has ANY ideas as to how this game could work, please tell me!

If anyone replies and says it's been done before in Hopscotch, then I'll just delete this topic! But I just wanted to put the idea out there and thought it was really interesting. If anyone wants to check out the free version of this game it's called "Racing Penguin"! @Liza, do you think that making a game like this is even possible? Or do you need a larger variety of rules and blocks to do it?



@Bananadog this sounds really cool! And idk if it's possible, but have you tried

When [iPad is presssed]
[Change speed (idk)]


Trust me, I tried a lot of stuff @AvocadoDont!:blush:


@Bananadog ok, idk then, I'm... Not exactly the best coder out there :sweat_smile:


I love tiny wings, I played it a lot. This sounds really complicated. Do you have the link of the project?


Maybe publish it? Because its not finished, publish then get the link then unpublish if you don't want the unfinished verion out :wink:
(off-topic, but I'm getting the penguin verion of it now :smile:


No, I've kept it as a draft so far, and deleted a lot of stuff and moved everything around, but I can tweak a few things and post it @SmileyAlyssa!


Here's the project! I kind of gave up on it after a while because it was so frustrating, but here it is... @SmileyAlyssa


What's supposed to happen is the bird stays just along the top of the hill, but I deleted the hills, so...


Hm the format and idea would definitely get a feature I don't believe that you can do that? But maybe I'm wrong I'm seriously okay at coding not a master


Is it okay if I make a verion of it with your code (and of-course credit?)


@Bananadog maybe after it goes down it should come back up? Like... [Change Y by -bla] [wait bla] [change y by bla]


I think I get it, I can help with it if you want (a lot of values are needed)


Please edit it it if you want @Stampys_fans @Stick88 @AvocadoDont
If you want! I didn't get very far at all, so you can also make your own! (So it's credited to you)