Tiny rant: why subscriptions are (kinda) bad for the community


reason 1: fake survey hacks

okay, there's a lot of these 'hacks' that claim you can get stuff without sharing a password, but, actually, the 'hacks' lead to surveys meant to steal your personal info and give it to third parties.
this might happen with hopscotch soon, you know, somebody making a fake hopscotch generator website which has endless surveys

reason 2: fake generators
somebody, yes, somebody, might set up a fake generator website/form, asking for your hopscotch username and password in exchange for subscription. we all know that leaking your hopscotch password most likely would get you hacked, but, whatever. i think you understand

final reason: bully-ing
basically, subscription members could bully non-subscription members for not having the 'cool' things that subscription members get. i think you get the point tbh

some notes:
i know that hopscotch can take the fake hacks down and stop the bullies, no need to point that out
an animal jam 1 year membership is 20 dollars cheaper than a 1 year membership to hopscotch.
i'd rather spend 7.00 a month on animal jam or club penguin than hopscotch, those games are cooler (in my personal opinion)

no h8 m8

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I respect your opinion


Wouldn't this happen to apps in general?
Also, in-app purchases don't have codes


I think it's a really cool update, it's just unfair that those with school iPads can't get the subscription. My family could afford a couple iPads if we didn't already have Kindle Fire HDs and we have no reason to replace those. So, yeah, it's unfair but it's still really cool.


I agree with that!

But on the bully.ing note, would you look super cool if you DONT use images for games? I kinda think it would be the other way around.... but idk It never happend