Tiny glitch alert!



Okay I have a glitch I can't show a picture, but I will remember to take a screenshot the text time it happens. It seems, I've only have it happen to text objects that is literally emoji-like characters, like for instance, this:crown: Emoji. So, you will try to drag it and it duplicates. Once there is one because you've dragged it to a new place and your finger is still touching the screen, you might see the thing you're dragging is ABOVE or NEXT TO your finger. Once you stop touching the screen, everything is fine. I know this isn't a really bad and sneaky glitch/bug, but it will probably start to annoy people who like to make stories and such! @Liza, can you try to fix this, because I know one thing, it's starting to annoy me!!!


If it's in edit mode just double tap anywhere on the screen @Hoppertoscotch


It's still going to be annoying!!!


Oh sorry didn't rad it properly sorry
Um perhaps you can try restarting your iPad by pressing the sleep button for a long time then is says slide to put to sleep and once it's usleep you can restart it by pressing the button again until the app comes up
If no email the h-team at help@gethopscotch.com or support@gethopscotch.com
Hope this helped @Hoppertoscotch


I was able to replicate this bug following what you said @Hoppertoscotch, I don't think it's very bothersome though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It's annoying to me, because I will need to move it, and it won't go where I want it to go!! Also, it's confusing which clone is the real one!!!!


I also have this bug, but it doesn't bother me too much. I know how you feel, but trial and error are all part of Hopscotch and if you don't get your emoji i. the right place first time you can always try again! I have got used to it now. :yum:


I'm used to it, it's just plain annoying. @ILoveSmudgey


Hey @Hoppertoscotch! Thanks so much for the bug report! I was able to find it pretty easily but it only happened once. Does this happen to you a lot? Do you know how I can make it happen more than once?

I can see how it would get annoying if it was happening to every emoji! Please let me know and we'll see if we can get this fixed. We're working on some other, bigger bugs right now that might need our attention first.


Not literally A LOT but it happens every once in a while, I haven't experienced it in a while but, if you want, I can tell you the next few times it happens and see if there is some kind of pattern in a way, I know you are working on bigger bugs, but it's always nice to know ahead of time about a bug or glitch that may become common. I haven't seen any pattern, but the next time it happens, I will try to remember what I just did. Oh, I just realized, it happens a lot with tall text objects that isn't made out of an emoji! What happened a lot, I would make a text object like this:
And that pattern would go on for a while, and the bug seemed to happen to that kind of text object for frequently. I remember, it happened with this emoji: :small_red_triangle: so, if you want, I can tell you the next time it happens, what kind of text object it was and stuff like that. But, it's all up to you, @Ian!


I have the same problem @Ian. I have found that more complicated projects with more text, experience more of a glitch. I tried to make a homescreen project just like @Hoppertoscotch and it was really glitchy. I ended up deleting it. I think that the more worrying bugs are when you create a project with clones. I created one which kept on creating clones (I forgot about the 300 limit) and it took me several times to go into Hopscotch and be able to delete it as each time the project crashed my iPad out of Hopscotch.


Oh, I know that glitch! It fixes itself, don't worry. It's minor.