Timothy the Snowman -- Pixel Art! Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!



I just finished a Snowman Pixel Art! He is joining the Tim family XD
It’s honestly pretty cool! Hope you enjoy! Happy Holidays and Merry Early Christmas!

Next Pixel Art: Secret for now, but it is going to be huge!!!

Also I will be leaving hopscotch for about a week
I am leaving for winter vacation early Saturday morning, and will get back probably around December 23rd I think, I will not be making a Christmas game. Sorry lol

I will still try and get on the forum every once in a while!

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@Dylan329List @omtl


art omG amazING butiful


It just says “Made by” and doesn’t have your name lol.

Don’t unpublish it tho.

It’s monumental, and marks my fastest lie ever given lol


I fixed he title btw.


Lol, what the heck. I added my name. Hmmm, I think when it failed to publish, it got removed or something… whatever.


Thank you


You’re welcome.




I missed 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th like. - _ - XD


But it’s a great pixel art!


Rip, well you got 9th like :joy:


Thank you! :grinning::crazy_face:


Hope it gets featured👍🏻
No doubt it will


Wow that is amazing! The background is really pretty and the colors work great together
How do you find the templates and snowflakes and stuff?

No wonder Fea wanted first like


I got the template and snowflakes from @FearlessPhoenix!


Oh you did?

That’s kinda cool


Lol yeah.

At least you didn’t give me a shoutout for that again lol.


What does that mean?

Have a nice break, though



@Dylan329 would you like to save me the pain of having to explain this? XD


Shoutout to @FearlessPhoenix


Lol why?
I h8 getting shoutouts lol