Timer on screen


How to I put a timer on screen so you can see it?


Like a countdown?


Yes, like a countdown.


Oh, ok! Ill be right back! :wink:


You need to use values! So make the certain values (seconds, minutes,) increase every unit of time that you want it, but make sure to reset it every sixty units. Sorry if that is really confusing.:stuck_out_tongue:


Here are some pictures!


First we have to set a value! I call mine, time!

Then after the value, do a repeat times the number of the timer, increase value time by -1!

Then open up a new rule, and put "Repeat forever, set text to time!

Here is a link if you want to look at the code! https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/xvimjon2k


First, you make a text object. :D
I didn't get a screenshot for that. XD

The set value's numbers must match with the repeat number (e.g. SV to 50, RT 50), unless you are counting down by a number higher then one, then the repeat times need to be divided by the number you are counting by.

Create another rule.

This rule controls how the timer looks.

You can add blocks to make it bigger smaller, and add anything else you want to add! :D


How do I get a time value?


Inside the Value function ... I don't see a Time button.. do I need to create one?


Yep! You need to create a new value under "set value" when you first make the project. After that it's "increase value."


It's just a normal value! :D


Welcome to the forum! Are you new to hopscotch as well? If so glad you are interested into people helping you make awesome stuff!


For some reason it is coming up as time... time.. and not working.. now when I hit play my Timer text disappears?


Do you have this one second..


Look at @SmilingSnowflakes's last post. That should help!!!


Make a new rule, and drag out a repeat forever block, then drag a set text block into it, and then make it set text to your value. :D



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