#timeless [NaF CHALLENGE #2] [JULY 2017]


Greetings, @NaF!

I hope that all of your summers have been going well. This month's challenge will require some self-reflection, portrait skill, and even a little future prediction! Here are the guidelines for #timeless.

  1. Draw yourself. As you are now, as you see yourself when you look in the mirror. Try to make it recognizably you.

  2. Draw your past self. What did you look like six months ago? Find an old picture of you have to, but as with the original portrait, try to make it look like the you from January.

  3. Draw your future self. What do you think you'll look like in six months? Do you have any plans for your hair or your outfit? Do you think you'll get taller? Think about what you want to look like next January.

Note: If you so choose, you can add other elements to your piece to emphasize certain parts of your personality or personal life. You can also choose to draw all three portraits in the same document, or as three separate pieces. Feel free to take as many liberties as you'd like!

As with last month's challenge, you can post your entries on this topic. Again, there will be individual comments as well as a prize for both Sodium and Fluorine artists.

The challenge is tentatively due on July 29?? I may not get the winners out until the 30th or later.

Good luck, and happy drawing!


so do we have to use a realism like style? or do we do whatever style we want?


Do we do it head to toe?


Cool! Can't wait to get started!


Does it have to be realistic or can it be more creative? Like, does it have to be the physical aspects like hair, clothes, etc? Or can it be more in the inside, like in the mind?


Can you do the different drawings on different pieces of paper?


Awesome! I'm excited to do this challenge- hopefully I'll do better than last time. XD


Ok, so do we have to do a style like @iReesesCup said earlier,

or our own styles? And should we put things that have changed or not changed like in a list or something?



These are all details that most artists keep as a personal preference, so I'm leaving them open to you. If you choose to go full-body or headshot, three papers or one, or any sort of style, go ahead. You do you, frens.


Hey, serenity! I'm super interested in this, can you give me information on how I could join?


@Serenity, I may not do this challenge, although I'm planning it out in my head already. I am leaving for another country on July 11th, and will be very busy there, along with some summer homework I haven to finished yet.. and the summer contest project, which I'm doing with smishsmash... I'll still try, and give you my entry, but it might be after the results are posted.


Recent self, messy hair at home- I mean at Korea

Guys I used my knee for this


Whaat you live in Korea?! Thats so cool!
My parents are for there. Sorry, off topic.

When you say mirror, you don't have to do head to toe, or can you do half body?



[see post above]



Thank you!


Hi @Serenity ! If we are using different papers do they have to be posted at the same time?


That would help me with evaluation, yes.


I'm glad I didn't get in this club because
1:I'm so busyXD
2:I hate drawing myself​, I make myself uglier than I already am (if that's possible)
3. I hate sharing my appearance.
4. My art is too bad for Serenity-senpai too see XC


Can I do mine on paper


Yeah! You'd be entering for the Sodium prize, then.