⏰🌎?!time zones!?🌎⏰


Hi there! This topic is so hopstotchers know what time zone you are in for many reasons!
only one rule:
the only thing you can say is ur time zone

nothing else!

please I want this to stay organized so the only thing you can say is the time zone and that's ALL!

So if you are Eastern Time Zone:
you would say and only say:
I'm eastern time zone
If your Mountain Time Zone:
I'm mountain time zone
Pacific Time Zone:
I'm pacific time zone
Central Time Zone:
I'm central time zone


so the only thing you can post on here is what time zone


if you want to say oh that's cool your in that time zone to someone then say it somewhere else!

if you need to talk to me abt this topic...say it somewhere else!

I think you know what I am wanting by now so yea!

Please do this poll also what time zone you are in!

  • eastern
  • mountain
  • pacific
  • central


Votes are public.


Please SBYP! There is already a topic about this:


@Rainboom you already broke the rule so please delete ur post...I will figure it out ok​:grinning:


Sorry :unamused:


It's basically the same thing, it says what time zones people are in. Please don't be so strict about what people can post.


It's not a collab, it's just saying that you should use the information for collabs.




I knew this was going to happen...now this is already messed up...just go ahead and recycle this topic @BuildASnowman :sob::sob::sob:I'm so upset


Don't be so upset!
Everyone makes mistakes.
Just don't be so strict about what people can post and search before you post! :wink:


I'm in the central time zone


First of all, don't be so strict about what people can post. Second of all, never sass a moderator.


I'm not a moderator.
Are you talking about me? XD


I'm in the...
Theres only american time on the poll.


No, I was talking about BAS....


@friendship2468 what is going on


You told everyone they broke the rules and said it to BuildASnowman. I don't know if you know this, but he's a moderator. He can suspend people for doing that.


I know he gave me a flag​:sob::sob::sob::sob:....I just got so frustrated that everyone was breaking my rules...I don't break his rules​:flushed: @BuildASnowman so @friendship2468 that's why​:pensive:




what @Niftynia75 what do mean by est


Eastern standard time