Time traveling projects? Nope, that was us!




You might have noticed that the newest published projects look like they're 20 hours old or more. Even if you publish a project right this second, the project will say it was published 20 hours ago.

But don't worry, your projects are not time traveling! You didn't hit your head and get amnesia, either!

We changed the timestamp in order to fix a nasty crash bug. iPads that are on a 24 hour clock were getting confused by our 12 hour timestamps, and as a result Hopscotch would crash as soon as it was opened. Now, all projects look like they are published before noon. This way, Hopscotch will work with both 12 and 24 hour clocks.

Kinda strange, we know! But this is only a temporary fix. After the next update, we'll change it back. Sorry for any confusion!

Glitch alert! 23 hours ago?
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Posts not being displayed correctly

Phew! Thanks for letting us know :smiley: At the moment of this post, all the projects recently on Newest say they're all made 23 hours ago. Makes sense since I'm posting this 3 hours after your post.


is that mini clip a hopscotch project?


I think that picture is a GIF of time travelling with the Tardis from Dr Who and a Nyan Cat rainbow. It would be a very cool Hopscotch project :wink:

Thankfully it's not the Hopscotch projects that are time travelling :stuck_out_tongue:


yeah i should try to remix a Nyan Cat flying through space with that.


I remember when this happened. XD