Time to welcome SLIDER into the game family!


Welcome SLIDER!
I do have a video but it’s not authorized


Cool! Is this a game you are making or can you play it right now?


It is out right now.


Can u post a link? I wanna play it but I don’t have hs



You are aware that when you release the screen, it automatically goes left, right?


It’s meant to do that. I didn’t add intructions but it supposed to be where you press and hold it goes right and when you’re not holding it, it goes left


Ok. I wasn’t sure if that was intentional or not.

You might want to add that in a little note on the screen in future versions, if you plan on making more.


I will be making more and I was planning on it. Thanks for the suggestion! The next one won’t be for awhile because I want to get the look for it


This is a great idea! Maybe add instructions (even though it is super easy to understand). I know that this is the first version and it’s awesome so far, and I came up with some ideas:

  • Maybe make a more advanced end screen?
  • You could add advanced physics like bouncing and stuff like that to make the game even cooler!
  • And, maybe add customization options like the color of the platforms and more?


Thanks for the suggestions! Intrusctions we’re already planned. Also the bouncing effect seems pretty cool! I will try to add that, but I can’t promise you it will be perfect but if you have any code I can follow it would be helpful! I will definitely add color customizations to the game


I definitely need help with the bouncing effect


New version!


Nice design my dude I like it


eugh… idk what happened
also, it would be nice to make the ball have velocity moving left and right, instead of a fixed speed.


Can you tell me what you did?


You could make a horizontal version too


I’ll try, but there are a few tutorials on the forum explaining this.


Great idea. Thinking about it, I could add it in like an option.


i have no idea
i was tapping stuff after i died
also, this game seems pretty similar to “aloe” from the featured section…