Time for the next level of code



To all those people who are great at coding and think ahh i could do that well some people as you know do coding as a job, which is what i want to.I recommend these people to try and step it up and go from beginners fame to skillful luck. ( You can do this if you want and dont have to do it if you want.

Here is who I recommend JavaScript to...


a respected coder capable of anything... on hopscotch.


amazing game maker but could be great with the tools of JavaScript


amazing at hopscotch got popular quick but still could learn a lot more doing java

I chose you because hopscotch's main intent was to teach you coding and for u to learn but you are so advanced its easy creating games, art projects, and music. you are the best of the best and know hopscotch may be dieing but this generation knows how to code and if your not challenged whats the point...


Anonymous got popular quick too, around two weeks before we joined, he joined. His first project got over 100 likes. One day.

Best of the best?

It's offensive or can be. You are saying that there are no better, and probably no others ready for JavaScript. It's your opinion. It's not a fact.
So others could be ready for JavaScript.
And they might get upset because they aren't on there. And they may think that they aren't one of the best. MagmaPOP is a really good coder.

Why isn't he up there? He has got to be in the Best of the Best.


thats why the should go the next level hopscotch is dying their runing out of money and soon we might not have it. I want the generation of coding or at least leaders for the next level to step up and challenge theirself they can do anything but with them trying to get on featured or trending as a nood is almost impossible.


Aw, thanks so much for recommending me! :D

I already do know Java, Python, Swift, and a few other languages. Hopscotch is mainly for fun. :slight_smile:

I don't really consider myself "the best of the best" though. :sweat_smile:


cool I learnd a little of python know java pretty well and did some html a css which you might like but... you make cool gamesso id recommend

C++ its a game formate they use in stuff like call of duty


It's just his recommendation of who should move up. You're right. It's his opinion.

I don't see it as offensive at all. I think it's nice of him to say.

Also MP left, he's talking about current Hopscotchers.


I'm not too advanced in C++, but I'm learning it right now. :D


great your so cooooool im 11 and one week during the summer im working for my dad and might get to see his app scorestreams software


also your advatar is amazballs


sorry ment that twards gilbert


Yeah I was like, "what? Yes I know I'm very original"


how old are uuuuuuuuu


I recomend temmy to be an advatar


surry forgo but he quit the forums


I'm 12, 13 in October. :slight_smile:


12 in december im in cali


gonna be gone for a week


how did you get the text Schrödinger is the reason I have trust issues next to your name


It's a title, a mod have it to me since I'm a leader.

We can talk about that here:



sure little gilly what ever floats your shwartz