Time for a Change



Some of you completed my Google form. I noticed a particular response that said to "stop yelling and respect others' opinions"

I feel like my topics have been to harsh. @SmilingSnowflakes, @SmileyAlyssa, and I'm sure others have assured me that I shouldn't change the topics to be sugar coated. I made a post about the chatrooms and rps, and once I apologized for being harsh and the feedback I received, (it autocorrected to fredback), a few replies busted my bubble. I usually don't depend on others' opinions, but I feel like these topics are defining who I am as a person.

Tell me the truth, in a nice way.

Am I Too Harsh?

After I made the mitsake of making the topic, I feel like I'm loosing that confidence I came in with. I feel friendless. Lonely. Like my work isn't making the forum a brighter place.

  • Your topics are fine!
  • Too harsh



I need le likes to come back!


That is a rather rude response, don't pay it any attention!


Seven voters!

Whoever voted, thank you. It means a lot.


I have never seen any topics made by you that were even remotely harsh! Your work changes the forum in the best way possible :blush:


Thank you!

That like on the drawing topic made my day!


Well, you're fine, and we don't want you to change.
You're the LazyLizard we know and love. You're our friend.
And everyone voted "Your topics are fine" on the poll.

You also made a "mitsake". And "fredback" is so funny!


Thank you! It really means a lot.


94% think they are fine
6% think otherwise.

Pretty much means that 15 people are fine with them, and one person isn't.


Maybe you insulted someone and didn't mean to. And that's them voting.


Good point!
**If I insulted anybody, you have my apology. **


Yeah, you always have to keep others in mind.
Try to imagine what YOU would feel like if you were them reading your topic.
Try reading your topic. See if you think it would insult anyone. :wink:


Good idea. I've been reassured a lot that I shouldn't change it, the topic is fine, but those two voices inside of my head are arguing.

@Kiwicute2016 do you think my topic should be changed to sound nicer?


Try using emojis to change the tone of the post. :wink:


I just really want to know. Here comes le tag list! (I am editing out the people who I know have participated!)


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Your a nice person + I don't think your harsh



@EggsOnSaturn1 is komplett right!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I have never seen a harsh thing from you, @LazyLizard!




You are not too harsh. You are only stating your opinions, what's wrong with that? Please don't change yourself!


Thank you everyone!

If you voted the second one about me being too harsh, can you explain why? In a nice way? And maybe how I can fix it? Thanks.