Time block idea

What if we had the block that I am going to talk about? It’s called ‘display__at__color__’. The first blank can be filled with seconds, minutes, hours, days, months and years. The second blank can be filled with numbers from-11to12. These are time zones. The third blank is, well, colors. This block can be used as an alternative for the ‘secret’ block we use now to show time.


Or THT could just add the wait til time stamp to the main editor. Good idea though and welcome to the forum.

People who might be able to contribute



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This block seems like a good idea


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This is a good idea, there are some secret blocks though that have stuff like this but it’s not accessible to everyone

If you would like to see and copy the secret blocks go to this project


Seems like a really good idea! These blocks are in Hopscotch already, but not with as good implementation as you are suggesting.

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They sort of have a block like that but it is only reached by a JSON file draft

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Welcome to the forums! This seems like a good idea, but the current block seems slightly easier to use. I dunno though.

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I think the time block is a cool idea.


Old topic but still a great idea.

I would like to see “timestamp” and “time zone” under iPad traits (orange variables)

That is, Unix timestamp and relative Timezone (where EST = -6 for example)