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Just ask me anything! I'll answer it(unless it's too personal).


How did you get your username?

How did you find Hopscotch?

When did you join Hopscotch?

When did you join the Forum?

Tag me when you answer these questions.

  1. I got my username on the forum from my Hopscotch username, and I got that because my name is lily and I really like meat, so I'm nicknamed tiger lily.
  2. I found hopscotch because my mom wanted me to get some educational apps, so I looked up coding apps and found hopscotch.
  3. I joined hopscotch in February 2016.
  4. I joined the forum in June.


Hi @TigerLils!!!!!!!!


HI! @KVJ (20 characters)


How's life?
What's up in HS?


Life's good. Nothing's much up in his. I'm coding my own art pad. I don't know what I'm going to call it though!


TigerPad? Maybe combine like LigerPad, or TilyPad?

Idk :joy:


Tiger pad would probably be good. Or maybe the lily pad. Idk. I'm not so sure about those last two though. :joy:


Do you like pandas? XD


Me neither :joy: :joy:
I'm so sorry


YAAAAAAAASSSSS! Pandas are awesome! @PerfectPanda24




HAI!!! :blush: What's up? (20 characters)


I'm guud. Do you nice anything new? :smirk::smile::blush:


No. What about you? :confused:


I have to get off to soon! Doing lap swim at the local pool. Just btw.


Bye! Just keep swimming!


I am a total LOTR fan! For any others out there, I found this!


Can you answer all of my questions?
1. Don't answer question #2
2. Are you a turtle?
3. When did you join Hopscotch?
4. Did you answer all questions so far?
5. How much do you like the forum/the app?
6. Did you follow all instructions?