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I have published a game I've been working on for a while. I started in January, but I only worked on it for about a week. It has both multiplayer and single player modes, which are changed by hitting change mode. You don't even lose your progress on the other one! You start in multiplayer, so why not play a game with someone?


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I´ll check that out on HS! It looks cool!


It's very cool how there is both 2 player and 1 player modes. And the score keeper and ability to reset is also as well. This would be great for featured! :)

Nominations for Featured!

Thanks! Shall I nominate it?

Nominations for Featured!

Oops accidentally deleted it.

It's very awesome. BTW my HS name is DylanBarrett not Dylan329(forum name) lol sorry

It also cheated again. Idk why


I know. I follow you.



Nominations for Featured!



It's because on the game you said Dylan329 not DylanBarrett. But it's fine xD


Ok, but you shouldn't make this a topic, just sayin' :slight_smile: .
But looks cool, though!


Don't rain on his parade
But ye



It looks good and it's an awesome game!


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You know what will be cool? A difficulty option for the one-player mode.

I know, you're scripting the computer to make the best move.....

But for those who don't know the game, it might be a little unfair to them.

Here are suggestions:
Hard: Will make a mistake about 10% (1/10) times
Normal: Will make a mistake about 40% (2/5) times
Easy: Will mostly make a mistake (85% or 17/20)

How? Make a difficulty (Let's say the name is "Diff") and a randomized value (Let's say the name is "Ran"), then make a rule with a block that will set the randomized value (Ran) to a random number from 1 to 20. After the "Set Value" block, check what difficulty the system is set. If the difficulty value (Diff) is set to 1 (or Easy in my version), check if the randomized value (Ran) is below 18. If it's below 18, then run an ability called "Mistake!" (in my tutorial version). For 2 (or Normal in my version), check if the randomized value (Ran) is below 9, and if the statement is true, run the Mistake! ability. For 3 (or Hard in my version), check if the randomized value (Ran) is below 3, and if the statement is true, run the Mistake! ability.

Well, the Mistake! ability just needs the game to check which squares are free, then randomize which of the squares the computer will "move".


Good idea. I did some hung similar if you go in the middle. The computer will randomly choose a corner.


Yeah, but when you don't choose the middle, let's say, you choose a corner, there's a chance that someone, or in this case, it, won't pick the middle. let's say, the players that still don't know a thing about Tic Tac Toe's best moves, choose the corner.

Computed map: (x - another enemy player)
1-1x 1-2? 1-3?
2-1? 2-2? 2-3?
3-1? 3-2? 3-3?

Here's what I'm talking about: There are players who will not pick 2-2, which is the middle box, and for compensation to those who don't pick 2-2, the enemy might not pick the 2-2 after the player has turned like, let's say: 2-3.

Now, I suggest that we also need to make bots like that, so the players feel that it's also an another player they are fighting.


I played it, so far it's pretty good!! :p
And I won!
And lost. At da same temzz ((((;゚Д゚)))))))
Lonely potato plays with itself in tick-tack-toe... (.o. )
Whoa wait a minute I thought this was a recent topic whoops, 20 Days L8r 0-0