Thx kiwicute very much



I'm deleting this ,it seems to be getting a lot of hate ,can't people just see it's a joke it's not like we are shouting at them. @Kiwicute2016 plz close this


this is offensive in my opinion


This is what leaders are for


It's fun Kwatzibab is nonsense words


How?Its only for fun not Serouis


It's only for fun tho !Not serious


If u ever see someone putting nonsense stuff tag me and say kwatzibab alert XD.


oh yeah sorry @kvj forgot to add u


if someone tries to do a filler, someone will say "THIS IS AN URGENT WARNING!" and this could be considered mean.


Ummmmmmmmm don't understand what you said


some people do nonsense to stop the 20 letter minimum, and if they put random nonsense, and someone says "call the kwatzibab police!" and someone may be offended.


But if they but XD at the end it will seem like a joke.The form is good at stuff like this and also they won't do it on every post


still may be offensive XDD and maybe spam XDD


Ok.I will make a new rule not to spam


Anyone else?If someone famous made it u would all be on it


Thx @BB-Box.


I'll join!!

Even though I always speak kwatzibab XD
I never tho it tho!


Ok.Just add ur name to the list


can you please shut this down? i got a bit angry and flagged someone because of this.


I agree with @hopscotch_king
This can be kind of off topic in random places and topics

I can also see someone feeling like they have done something bad which they have not :(
It might be embarrassing, etc...
It depends on the person, maybe you can make a list of people who are allowed to have this happen to them :)

Also I think that post could have been nicer, maybe edit it?