Thunderguy77's Coding Club



THX guys!
How can I personally give you the link, though?


Oh, whateves, I just post it here. Anyone can join.


Hello! Just a smol note, I’m not that good at coding but I will try my best!


Huehuehue I can relate huehuehue


What’s that?


Oh, its just like a place where you can post stuff.Usually schools use it, but I’ve started using it too for stuff


Like here?


Hi @Thunderguy77. Unfortunately you need to remove the link above as your account there gives your last name which violates the community guidelines.

I think it’s great that you want to start a club. Just keep the communication here in the forum.


Oh, sorry


Anyway, I think that we should make an account and then share the username and password. That way we can all use the same account to make projects!


That would be great🙃


So what should the coding club info be? Please reply, I need suggestions!


I have a very busy schedule today but maymby tomorrow




Well, if you want to join, just reply with your name or something.





Are you going to join then, @Fizzy_27?


Is this topic dead now?


Pretty much lol but u can revive it


Hi fizzy. We were friends on HS. Remember me? xD