Thunder Coding Clan ( No longer recruiting )


Thunder Coding Clan

Hey guys! Today I am starting a hopscotch coding club, where we make games together. There are 3 of the main rules below.

1) No inappropriate projects

2) Respect others

3) Have fun!

Below is our plan for making games
Step 1) Plan

Step 2) Get it approved. The majority of members must agree.

Step 3) Create the base mechanics. Make sure that is entertaining before adding more things.

Step 4) Improve graphics

Step 5) Bug fixes and testing

Step 6) Publish!

How we will work with each other
Stradyvarious pointed out that collab accounts weren't very safe. So, instead, I will have the official account, and we will remix and put our projects on the draft section. On the official account I will have all the members so players know who actually made the projects. ( On the project it will also say who worked on it. )

Below are the requirements to join ( You must fit in at least 2 of the following ) ( I will perform background checks)
Have a project in trending or featured
Good with graphics
Creative ( At least when it comes to video game ideas )
Have good knowledge of values
Good knowledge of clones

Leave a comment with your hopscotch name and the requirements you fit in! Thanks guys!


Hi, Stradyvarious here.
I had Tap Warrior on featured.
You can check the games i published.
The night watchman is where you tap a dark screen searching for a thief.
And a fast paced skill game called Ball Banger, and some others.
i'm also working on a cat burglar type monopoly game i started a week before the monopoly game on this forum was started.
I work with a similar set of rules on a collab project with @TromaxTheDestroyer
so i have experience working in a clear precise order.
Reply if you'd like me to join


Can I join? Hopscotch name: giraffeproductions


0 projects in featured or tending. :sweat:
Good experience with values, go on the account RoastedTurkey:poultry_leg:. To find a tapper game that I used values on to make it cooler (PLEASE CHECK IT OUT!!!) and you can check out my main acount gamergirlofgamers to see my creativity.
I have no clue if I'm good with clones.


You sound like you would make a great addition! You have been accepted - I will see about Giraffe too!


Hey Giraffe! Stradyvarious seems fond of your work - I am looking into adding you now! Can you please provide more information, specifically the requirments you fit into?


The creative and ones below it and I'm kinda good with the graphics. I also have an old account with lots of good projects calles spectulardeveloper.


I just checked out your other account. You have been accepted! I will tell you the group account info when I have it ready. Thanks!


@ThunderCoding how about me?


I was just looking at your two accounts. You have been accepted. I will tell you the group account info when I have it ready.


@ThunderCoding ok. Thanks.


Just warning you over the past 2 weeks someone is going into collab accounts and deleting the projects.
You need to make an order of which members code for the game.
When you start have a list showing the order in which members will code.
Like whos's 1st,2nd,3rd,4th etc.
And have project work published and the next member add to the project with a remix and places the link here.
You shouldn't bother with a collab account. It's too risky.


Yeah. Especially since there is no private messaging system, the account info would be public. I will find an alternative to collab accounts.


New project idea

I was thinking to make a platformer. Gonna be a lot like Mario. I will make the work on the mechanics and later publish it to drafts so you guys can work on it. Btw, I'm gonna have the projects work like this. I work on it first, then I publish the project and give it to somebody else to work on. Btw, my username on hopscotch is ThunderCoding Owner AJ.


Anybody have ideas for a way to make platforms and other things solid? I'm gonna try the "bumps" block and "check if else" block but if anybody had other ideas, that would be great!


@ThunderCoding just in case, use "is touching"


I'm Qubertion!

-I've had a game on featured with 35k+ views.
- I'm I'm very good with graphics--mostly modern
- I'm pretty good with code... I made my own functional tapper a couple months ago without help, and when the video about it hadn't come out yet.


What is the game called?


Hey... Can I join... I am the owner of the monopoly project

I am really good coder. Thx


Grave Runners (20 characters)