Thumbnail suggestion


Okay, so you know how when you go to publish a project, it is automatically cropped to a random part of the screen? What if it automatically showed the whole screen on the thumbnail instead?
Don’t get it? Okay, instead of this being default for when you publish:

It would be this:

Or…maybe there could be a little text down in the corner like this (except maybe a little smaller):

A lot of people might ask why we would need this, but there are 2 main reasons that this would be helpful:

  1. A lot of new users don’t know how to crop a thumbnail, and that usually means they don’t get noticed a lot because people are typically drawn to projects that look good.
  2. Artists waste their time unless the whole drawing shows

Feel free to share your thoughts!


Good idea
Basic users won’t click bait anymore


I mean, you could still crop it, but the default when you hit publish would be zoomed out


Basic users don’t know how to zoom out though
So they’ll be stuck with the full outer screen


Or you could have the 3rd option in the top post that instructs you to crop as desired


I have a strange urge to cut off someone’s toungue


i’ve seen this before


Spell it right


The espresso machine has spoken:
This topic Is approved.

Nice suggestion!







我不要学 ”tounge” 谢谢


That is a great idea! I have thought of this as well!


As others have mentioned, I think this is a really good thumbnail suggestion!

I would make publishing projects so much quicker and more efficent!!


Um ok?


Wait what is that?
Is this a joke or something?

I swear I did not say that!!

This is what I see. Not that other stuff…


It is a joke it’s a great idea I agree with you


Lol, that’s funny…

Well, yeah to get back on topic, from what I know, in Hopscotch’s early days, the whole picture would come up in the thumbnail. Evr since August 2016 wen I joined HS, I remember a lot of ppl complaining about the new crop thingy. (Sorry if I went off topic or something, just a thought…)


I like when you say early days lol that was 2 years ago lol


Sooo…I’m kind of an old user on Hopscotch? I wasn’t on it when you had to use thar editor that you had to keep exiting out of the current rule to create a new one…