Thumbnail Not Working


Use this template to make awesome bug reports:

1 sentence description of the problem (I was doing _________, and then __________ happened): I was trying to publish a project and the thumbnail decided to not work

Steps to make the problem happen:
Make a project and try to publish it (I think it’s just me tho)

I expected this to happen: I expected my thumbnail to work and show what was on my screen

But instead this happened: The thumbnail was just white. Like the white screen bug.

Here’s a sweet screenshot:

In the background you can see the loaded project and you can see the pixel art and text clearlyish, but then the thumbnail is just plain white and won’t change.
Same thing happens if I try to remix it – I just get the white thumbnail and then in my published tab, the thumbnail is the hs h.

A couple people said that the thumbnail was fine if they remixed, and also said that I should try re downloading the app and stuff but that hasn’t helped

@CodeHelp maybe y’all can help?


Dunno sorry. You’ll have to ask the devs unless someone else smarter than me knows.


Ok so really weird thing – I was testing thumbnail stuff and I published a test and the thumbnail on that project worked fine but I tried again on the project I had the bug with and it wouldn’t work…?


@FearlessPhoenix I have 20 notifs from you…
Also, addressing the problem, have you tried pinching the screen to show the pixel art?


Lol sorry I’ll spamlike next time instead

Yeah I tried doing all of that but it’s just plain white. I didn’t pinch it or zoom out in the screenshot, it’s just after I press the publish button


Hmm, this is either an error on your account or else HS is having a bug. It’s happened to me before, try restarting your device.


I did.
I think it might be a thing with my account because I tried from two different Devices


Yup, it’s your account because my thumbnail selection is working regularly


I published a different project and it’s thumbnail was working fine so

Idk I think it might just be the project or smth


Hmm… have you tried to exit the screen and open it again and see if the thumbnail loads? What happens if you select a category for the project? Does the thumbnail appear then? If not, this is really strange. I would email THT.


Yup I tried all of that.
None of it works.

Yeah I’ll email them thx


No problem! I hope that you get this fixed.


:)) thank you, seriously.


I’m not sure what to do. Ask the Hs team?


I got this too…
First I added something in the code, then played the project, and it was frozen in a spot it doesn’t start in.


Yeah I think I got that on my FlamePhoenix acc too a couple times