THT is Updating Hopscotch! Will it have wanted characters?



Hey guys! THT is updating Hopscotch? Do you think they will update Hopscotch with new characters? They should add a character named Caroline Cat that is a cat! And maybe Dylan Dog? @admins please add some new characters, maybe even the suggested ones! (Comment down below with other characters the Hopscotch team should make)

What Characters Will the Hopscotch Team Maybe Make?

  • Caroline Cat
  • Dylan Dog
  • Other (Comment down below)



Please search before you post! There already is a topic about this! I hate saying that, because I have said it before to you!


Maybe Some That Didn't Made It Into Hopscotch.


You could of not said it better then me if your new there's a tiny magnifying glass in the top corner and oh can search for users and topics and comments!


I do like the cat and dog though!


What does that mean? Does it mean that I didn't do a good job of explaining?


No it meens you did a great job you could of not explained it better the myself but I just added some stuff!


Yay! But your's was better!


A unicorn! A witch! My idea for making characters!


The Harry Potter charecters will not be added I 99.5% am sure mabbey the unicorn!


Thanks!!!! Gtg I want to watch tv so I guess I don't half to go eh still came up with and new thing wtg it means want to go not got to go! Lol


@AHappyCoder can I keep this one? :grinning:


Of course! :grinning:


They should do a platypus named polly


Did they even update Hopscotch? I see no changes


They had to test their database because there are so many new people coming to the community


@CreativeCoder so they have updated Hopscotch? But I can't see it?


Feathers the Pecock

Like if you want him to be a character!


This is him in full color

This took me so long to make ;-;


I think they should have custom characters, like the ones in Scratch or Tynker. They should also have 'more human' characters, along with some extra-special objects like tables, a GAME OVER text, all those goodies. But an argument might be that Hopscotch wants us to code the characters. I agree with both sides but I personally like it when people code characters. But I do wish for some new characters as well!