"Throw the Wrench!" Game


So, this is kind of a collab. We're making a game where you, well, throw a wrench to get points XD. And there'll be jumpyduckz.

This topic is for suggesting ideas for this game, progress, trading drafts, etc.

We mostly have the people we need, so please don't ask to join unless we ask for people.

Tell me if we asked for you to help with this and I didn't add you. Thanks! :D


I agree that you could play as a leader- you can select who, and it's shown by the cape color. I also totally agree that you should find an Easter egg to unlock system. :laughing:


It'd be hard, but what if you beat (part or all) of the game and you get a code to put in for future playthroughs? Not super tough, but something like "tap this square twice, this letter three times, etc."

Or find all the hidden jumpyduckz/chakins/potatoes XD


Wait can you join if people did not ask you?


Please don't unless we ask for more people.


So I was thinking we could make the achievements like badges on the forum. I'm making something right now...


Yay for messy handwriting XD




How about you have to play as each of the leaders and beat their levels, then you unlock mod and then play as a mod...? Sorry idk XD
This is going to be awesome. :D


And on the mod level everything gets four times harder XD


Yeah!!! XD

Then the boss level is battling SYSTEM!1!1!1
^lets call it the "bot level" instead lol


That would be awesome! :smiley:
My level could be filled with flowers. XD


@Bananadog what if we have a dev level about us and we're just confused throughout the level XD


I love that XD
We can be little jumpyduckz waving around magic wands XD


I can't help make the game ;-; but make sure to add NinjaDuckz as a boss or level or something XD


So we should decide the genre so I can make some plans. A complex food fight style? A platform game with levels? An obstacle course with villains? It can be anything, but it has it be possible (obviously lol).


Sounds awesome! Maybe you can have jumpyducks as an obstacle? Like maybe it can come out of nowhere and knock your wrench off course while its flying xD


Oh and maybe an Easter egg can be that one of the jumpyducks turns into a peep xD

silenty tags @Kiwicute2016




My level would be filled with gifs, wrenches, and other random stuff. :laughing: