Throw Back Hopscotch Forum Pro pics!



Remember when you first joined HF, (mainly if you joined in 2015) The community was new. If you remember your pro pic and still have it, you can fill in this form if you want to:

Your first pro pic:
Your recent pro pic:

If you want to be an editor, plz tag me and I recommend using "PicsArt" you don't need an account, but if it asks you when you first download it, than I think you have to.

Waiting List:

PS: I'm putting this on global edit, plz don't change anything without my permission, thanks!


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My first was the gravitar K

Some older ones:



Sorry that it turned out a little blurry and rectangular

Want me to redo it?


U don't have to.
It is still amahzing


My oldie-
(I plan on charging it back)


Hito! U see my new! Profile Pic!

But I still kinda like the other ones


I love it


All are really cringey



I remember all of those @DECODECO


That pencil...


Yeah I love that series
My faves is bubble


I've been using this one for forever:

I used to have a Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton one during the election because we were having a poll and I was the news broadcaster. Those were fun days. Otherwise, I can't remember my pricture background besides the big orange J when I first came.


I joined in 2015. I don't remember my first profile picture.


Well, I've had several Profile Pics, but I always go back to the default one.

The default one (one that I use when nothing's going on):

Berry's PFP (the PFP swap):

Darn, can't find it......

Green one (ST. Patrick's Day):


Lizard one (Jeffs birthday?) (the present one.....?)


All of Dem


Editor for what?


Remember when I had the eye @KVJ and I refused to get a gif for mine lol


To edit the photos