Three New Block Ideas


I would like to say my three new green block ideas!

Set Image To ____
Set Shape To ____
Set Character To ____

How do you think?


This would actually be really convenient!


Great ideas!!! :D


These are great ideas and I would like to see them being addd into HS!


I actually had that idea a long time ago! Its amazing! I actually had it when I joined HS and I was making my first project. I wanted a flower shape to turn into a heart. But couldn't find a block.


Tell @Liza or @t1_hopscotch!


I definitely think these sound awesome too! I'm thinking of somehow collating all the ideas for Hopscotch around on the many amazing ideas...




That's a great idea! :smiley: It's something that should definately be added.


I have wanted that before too. It would reduce the amount of objects we would need for something like that.


It would greatly reduce lag, I would think.


What if instead it was just a “Set object to __”?


That would be pretty helpful! :open_mouth:


If Hopscotch had more "sprite" like objects (like the characters) you could merge all of those blocks into Change Sprite To ___
Also, one last thing, I don't think this belongs in the Control Blocks Category but otherwise great idea!


Lucky for everyone here who wants that Block it is coming in the next Hopscotch update. It is being called set image.


Woah! Really! Now we can do Animation?!


Yeah it is coming in the next update. It is currently the beta version. If you can get the beta right now you can use it.


Awesome sausages!!!!!


Yeah. I don’t think it’s just images, but I haven’t tested it much.


You can do it without using Set Image block, just it’ll take a lot of time to import images, set appearing speed, etc.
I agree, great feature! Though I won’t use it :p