Three favorite things and three least favorites about making Hopscotch projects



Hi! Since there haven’t been too many Hopscotch related topics lately and this forum is supposed to be about Hopscotch, I thought I’d make one to try and get the conversation back on Hopscotch a little ^-^
So anyway, what are your three favorite things about making a project, and what are your three least favorite things? :o

My three favorites would be adding sounds, testing the project, and choosing the screenshot. Even though I don’t add sounds very much, whenever I do it’s really simple and fun and I enjoy it ;) It’s also really fun testing the project and then fixing the bugs. The screenshot is definitely what I enjoy most, especially on customizable projects because you get to create the thing that people see before they open the project! :D

My three least favorites would be the beginning of the project, start screens in games, and making things look realistic. After I’ve started coding the project everything else is easier, but the beginning always feels like it takes forever for some reason. Adding start screens in games isn’t hard at all, I’ve just done it so many times that now it’s old and repetitive. And I’ve never been good at making movements and such look realistic, plus it takes a while.

What are your three favorite things and three least favorites? :D


I need a real kick to get back into hopscotch
Something is preventing me from making projects


Probably the cancer.



  1. Seeing it all put together
  2. Choosing colors (especially since I figured out HSB a few months ago)
  3. Getting a bug fixed

Least favorite:

  1. Having a bug that I can never figure out
  2. Coming up with an idea to code
  3. Having to go through the whole project (especially on the long ones) just to check one little thing


Anywho, my three favorite things are: blocks, bloskc, blocks, and least favorite are blocks, blocks, and nazis.


What cancer
I need motivation. I can help people with projects, but not make them.
It’s probably just that… ehhh I won’t share


The cancer Webmd says you have.


I really agree with all of these :DDD Also thanks for your reply!


Please go to a general topic or something if you wanna be off topic ;)

  1. Math
  2. Math
  3. Math


  1. Math
  2. Math
  3. Math


No I don’t know :joy:
WebMD is really useful but I know it all myself so why research …?

Maybe I should make a 3D human body representation

Little kids might not want to see the parts I don’t know


I’m not please
I asked for motivation

Also nindroid is being offtopic
Why blame me instead because I’m an easier target


I’m confused XD


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My three favorite Andy least favorite things.

More accurate would be

  1. Nothing.


  1. IMG_0981


I just didn’t think about it, sorry :000
Anyway what are your favorites and least favorites? :D


I hate
Small editor & player capacity
Unicode affecting performance
And the white screen bug


So you triggered at me or not :thinking: