Threatening Hopscotcher



A Hopscotcher named ghost :ghost: :ghost: is threatening.

He or she at first thought Hopscotch was like the street game Hopscotch. Now, she understands the title, and still threatens to turn Hopscotch into the chalk, hopping street game so it will be shut down from every device!
@admins, please ban this user from Hopscotch.


They're probably 5 years old. :grinning: Don't worry about it, they're just being silly. Only the Hopscothc Team can shut down Hopscotch.


Lol that's not even a threat, that's like a baby unicorn trying to shoot a corn dog


@friendship2468, sorry, I don't think so. I think she/he is serious.
Look here:
@OrangeScent1, okay then, let's call it a 'mean action'.


No, it is like a wooden tomato drinking melted staples, and claiming that he is the fairy of rotten Rubik's cubes and 340 year old plastic cheeses


It's just one project, don't worry.


Actually, he/she posts numerous messages, but they are all the same


Yeh I saw this person before


Lol don't even think about that....
It's probably a confused child who stumbled upon the app :stuck_out_tongue:


@friendship2468 there is this one too:


She's confused...
There's litteraly no way she can do anything to the app :stuck_out_tongue:


@DancingLollipop, yes, I stumbled upon him/her when he/she liked my project.


@OrangeScent1 she is trying to turn it into the street game :arrow_right: To make chaos :arrow_right: To make THT shut it down
Chain reaction but probably won't happen


... Does anybody play the street game anymore??


I saw her when funky 63 remixed her project pretty mad


It's been a while since I played!


Plus he/she's inappropriate:


Well that's a different matter :stuck_out_tongue:


Look ghost :ghost: :ghost: made this:


What's that supposed to be?