Thousands of characters in text break projects

I don’t think this can be fixed… I would suggest spending a couple thousand dollars on a device with better processing power :))


That wouldn’t make a difference. Even if you bought an iPhone 11 Pro or then upcoming iPhone 12 pro it still wouldn’t change anything. This type of power handling also comes from the app and if the app can’t handle it then they need to optimize it better


Hopscotch on my iPhone XR can handle 4705 characters of Lorem Ipsum (random example text) just fine. I’ll try with something bigger.

Edit: it can handle the double

Edit: it can not handle the chemical name of tintin, but that’s a large amount of characters that even my browser has trouble rendering without lag, so I’m not surprised.


Yeah, I tried putting titin into Google Docs and it failed me.


The best iPad right now is $799 starting at 128 GB storage, and an A12Z cpu chip.

No amount of processing power can fix this issue.

Or iPhone 11 Pro…

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I tried searching titin on google and it said it was too long lol

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that’s why you must switch to DuckDuckGo


Hm. Interesting.

Bc maybe thats a bit too much
Too much characters = whomp

It’s just probably too much characters, so it finds it has trouble to load.

ya mean…iphone SE

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Uh. No?

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