Thoughts on sharing accounts on social media



Hey guys.

do any of you play animal jam? roblox? club penguin? well, whatever you play, I see 2 sides.

1.) you shouldn't be able to share your names on other media.
I see how you feel. Hey, who knows, you could be talking to a 48-year old man instead of the average little boy. i think everyone should have the intellect to not share their adres.s or the street they live in, or themes such as....umm...not going to finish that sentence.
It makes sense to not share usernames.

1.) you should be able to share your names on other media.
I agree. If you have a roblox or an AJ you'd like to share, if you ask me go ahead. As long as it's moderated, and there is a block feature, and you have the intellect to not share your adres.s as I said, you're safe. or if you have a YouTube channel that might be about something exciting other than hopscotch, as long as it's moderated and there's a block feature, and you have common sense, you're all set. It makes sense to share your usernames.

Either way you think, consider someone else's view. Why not share a YouTube about animal jam, or minecraft, or whatever, maybe you have a passion for another type of coding, like Python, or CSS, or JavaScript. But then again, things happen. What if you aren't talking to a hot boy, but instead talking to a fat sweaty 49-year-old man with a knife?

Please consider each side of the argument. I honestly think that sharing account names is OK, but I don't argue based on others opinions, do I? I only argue for what's right. But no one would fight for the wrong side, would they?

Anyway, goodbye rantings. I'll stop now. But please do think about what I'm saying. Thank you, and if you want comment what you think below. Thanks.


AMe I do Roblox!!! Why


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I think we shoudl be Abel to share our accounts
It isn't on he forum so it isn't tht's responsiblity

Plus,if we want to then they can't stop us

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It's actually possible that THT could be sued or encounter other legal problems if something happened to someone on another form of social media because of sharing their account name on this forum. I'm not necessarily agreeing with sharing or not sharing accounts, I'm just stating the fact that it's a legal thing for THT


I keep hearing that tht didn't make the forum....