Those Spam Likers



It's so funny when someone spam likes you. It's just like when you finally scroll through, you see another spam like and another.... Has this ever happened to you?


I know right, I am one of dem spam likers! I spam like crazy!


Who cares if they spam likeand it just means they lIke what you said and/or did.


Yup, I'm quite a spam liker... Got a problem with being awesome enough to be spam-liked? :stuck_out_tongue:


I love being spam liked!

It makes me feel really proud about my projects!

I think I've been spam liked at least 6 times.


Did this project used to be called To BubblegumCupcaskeMix!? It shows I was tagged too, and I don't see @BubblegumCupcakeMix anywhere in here.


Yes! There's this one person who I can say's true gosl in life is spam liking me, she's liked 99/100% of my projects, and everytime I see her on my notifications, I laugh like crazy!