Those numbers next to the topic title?



Hi everyone! So I'm fairly new to the hopscotch forum (by new, I mean two weeks old!)
And you know those numbers next to the topic title on the home page? I was wondering what they were!
So yeah that's all! Byyyeeeee!
P.S: I'm going to bed now so I won't be able to reply, but I'll read everything in the morning! (Bye)


Next to the New? Oh, that's how many new topics you have to read.


the numbers next to the topic mean how many comments you have.


Hey @PurpleDevil!!

The numbers mean firstly, that you're tracking the topic because of you reading the whole thing, you replied, or a couple other reasons. If a number is green, it means there are new, unread posts in the topic. If it's gray, it means it's not new, but you haven't read it.

If you have more questions, you can just @ me! :wink: