This wouldn’t publish so, here it is




Wow! It’s really cool!


Thanks, I probably tried like, 5 times to publish this, it doesn’t work…


Try making a copy of the project in your drafts, then try publishing that. I had a problem with projects publishing projects a few months ago, but I contacted THT and they solved the problem, although this was a problem for all of my projects. Try checking if other projects are publishable.


That game is super fun and well made! I don’t really know why it doesn’t show up in your profile, because as I could like it, the project isn’t most likely in the filter. Try emailing THT, like @HopscotchRemixer said.


I tried to play the project in the webplayer, but it wouldn’t work. :(
It could be that FunDardo took the project down, or my Wifi is terrible.


Yes, they are able to publish. I’ll try what you said, let’s hope it works🤞


Thanks THT! They finally got it out of the filter! You can now find it on my account.


Yay good for you! (Sorry for the late post)
If you have any other problem just ask them again! If anyone else has the same problem tell them the same.