This Wonderful Community!



Where do i begin with this community?
This community has brought me joy, sadness, happiness, and friendship. This community has everyone's back. Bulling is no issue here because you have everyone by your side to help! this community it great! i couldn't ask for a better one. Everybody has their own talent and everybody sees that! From drawing, to coding, to music. Everyone has a place and nobody is left out. This community does its best every day. I have watched this community from when it was in beta, then released to the public. IT has grown soooo much! when new people com into the forum do we just ignore them? No we give them a big welcome and show and help them around. We help each other. When i was getting cyber bullied with my art everyone showed me the truth. I was helped and it was by this community. We are there for anyone no matter who they are! I am so proud of this community and i can't wait to continue watching it grow!
SnowGirl Studios :snowflake: :zap:
WhiteFox Productions :feet:


That was so touching. Thanks for bringing this message!


wow. Thanks for sharing!


That is so touching @SnowGirl_Studios. It's so nice of you to share that with the community


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thank you :smiley:
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This Community Gets bigger By the day


I love this message soooo much