This was a help topic, but it just ended up proving that I'm a Forum noob, eheh


Wow. I'm a Forum noob. The following is pure cringe.

See that little guy? It's often overshadowed by its important neighbors; the search button, profile button, and Create Topic button.

But you'd be surprised what this thing holds.


This is your default view of the Forum. Topics edited or posted in recently pop up at the top.


This one isn't all too exciting, either, but it'll come in handy if you're trying to acheive Regular. It filters out old or viewed topics, and shows you all the new ones!


This button shows you the topics, ranked by average likes and number of posts.
There are also features to filter your view by year, or browse specific timeframes. Pretty interesting, I guess, for statistics.


This page shows you all the badges.
In the upper-right corner of every little tab, there's a bolded number. That's how many people have gotten that badge!
If the panel has a blue circle with a checkmark in it, you have that badge. If not... well, you have a goal, now, don't you?
This one's interesting for statistics as well.
First Edit has 999 earners...

And here's where we start to get interesting!


This is basically a running list, competition-style, of users, stats! The graph is easy enough to read, so I'll assume you know how it works.
You can filter these by week, as well!
Plus, you can check how many users there currently are on the Forum. 2736 users and going strong—woot woot!
i deserve to be overtaken by @smishsmash on the leaderboard just look at this
769 likes given
how pathetic compared to 1.4k


So. Many. Tags.
The tags are grouped by Topic Category, and ordered by use count. #hopscotch is taking a gigantic lead over #help right now... For good reason!

This page is pretty interesting if you want to check out statistics, and, if you're not a Regular, you can use it as a check for what tags you can use!

Anniversaries (my personal favorite so far!)

Party hats at the ready! Save the cake for the next one.
With this, you can actualy look at upcoming anniversaries! Didja know @MagmaPOP's anniversary is on October 16th?
It's quite cool, in my opnion, to see all of this laid out in chronological order (from the present).
If you scroll down to the bottom, you can also filter by month, so this is quite an interesting tool for statistics and just, well...
party horn


Basically, just what it sounds like!
You can see Upcoming Birthdays, and filter by month, to reduce search work.
This is great for secretly planning gifts, as well! The element of surprise is great for making someone's day. Just don't overdo it!
cough 232 notifications cough
However, since you can set your birthday as whenever you like, beware that some birthdays are bound to be fake.
Very cool!


Essentially, it's a little set of rules and guidelines for the Forum. This can be very helpful in lots of situations, so it's good to know there's a straight-to-it definition out there!
As you can see, there's also a Terms of Service, Privacy, and About, and those are basically what they sound like.

And, well, that's it!
Hope this was new info! If not, well, then, I really haven't explored the Forum well enough, have I?

Please correct me if I have any errors.

also i'm sorry for the clickbaity title and cheesy wordings, i'm an uncreative person

Hiya I'm bruhh and I'm new

I don't ignore it. I use it every time I finish a topic. Unless, I get involved in it.


i never noticed it eheh




guess i still have a long way to go, huh?






epic moment of facepalming

can i delete this topic


XiaoMaoMi hasn't been on the forum for a long time.

Not everyone knows everything about the forum, great tutorial! :D


Great tutorial!

Most people use that every time to go back to newest though.

This will help newcomers! :D


@smishsmash @bluedogmc-official

I just mainly don't know anything about the Forum... eheh...


Cool tutorial! And no, you are not a noob.


yes i am stop

no really have you seen me puzzling over basic forum matters

"ahh why isn't the poll working"
"public poll?? what is this sorcery"

i literally was just taught strikethrough by a kind soul on the Forum


No you are not a noob.

Polls are very confusing. I wouldn't blame you.

How do you do strikethrough?


20 characters strikes again


Woah! That's cool awesome thanks!


Don't thank me, thank @iReesesCup for being an awesome person and showing me owo
sorry for tagging you reese


Thank you @iReesesCup for teaching @XiaoMiaoMi, and thank you @XiaoMiaoMi for teaching me. :smiley:


to get rid of twenty characters just do this <insert random letters here>

ok i'll leave now bye


Cool! I use them, but not too much.


Amazingtastic topic! :clap::smile:


It's fine
You're not a noob


Photobomb! :smiley:!