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Please don't beg for clicks.


Why do you need that badge? You should try to earn it gradually, not like this. What is the purpose of badges if everybody tries to do this? Then there's no point of you earning the badge. It's not something you worked for. :frowning:


If this is deleted, would you like to recycle or have me close? :slight_smile:


Yes, close and unlist. Also, What does recycle mean?


Recycling is when you ask everyone who posted in the the topic to delete their posts, then you edit your topic and topic title for a different purpose! :D


Nah, I'll just get it unlisted and close! :wink:



I'll just close. I don't really see a reason to unlist; even though you did make a little mistake, others may be able to learn from it! :slight_smile:


Some leaders have way more than 3 flags, it's okay :slight_smile:


Like meeee

I have much much more than three


I got 10 meeesjjddsjskfrnd