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The question is: Why don't I get featured?

Please don't give me the ''You're already famous and get enough likes'' baloney.
There is no such thing as enough likes... Because why would anyone continue doing stuff without some kind of development or reward? I know that most of my project aren't really worthy of being featured, but when I actually put effort into projects and develop my skills a lot like in the 'Minecraft Maker! And I know that it should be featured and would be if anyone else made it! Maybe the hopscotch team doesn't want to be accused of featuring me more than others. But they feature many other people more than me. They even featured a rehop of my 'decorate cupcake' project! The cupcake wasn't even decorated nicely! It still got double the amount of likes that my original project got. Wonder how I feel after that... :pensive: That is what happens when something is featured. And they know that. So instead of featuring projects that deserve it they just... don't feature them. Just because someone ''famous'' made it. That's like not giving a medal to a winner that deserves it...

But MagmaPOP, you are always on trending!
So? That's because people enjoy my projects. enough to get me there! The amount of my followers affect that a lot, but people had to enjoy my projects to follow me! The fact that I am automatically followed by anyone who starts just shows that the hopscotch team thinks that i deserve it. And no that doesn't compensate fully for me not being featured!
You can see that it doesn't by comparing the average likes i get vs the likes featured project get... :wink:

I think that the hopscotch team should add the 'home' tab again! It was a combination of projects in featured and trending. This way people got to decide what people that logged in would see first!

What do you think?

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I couldn't quite understand the point of this, but remember when they used to Feature five projects a day? While I was at Hopscotch HQ, I often found myself featuring the same people. Alish and I didn't really look for what was extremely well coded. We kind of just skimmed through the projects until we found a few decent ones.

Now thinking back on that, I do believe Featured is for the coolest of the cool. Featuring random projects with little or no effort messes up the meaning of Featured. Now the reason why the hopscotch team did feature five projects a day was because many people were complaining about how they weren't getting Featured or how they only Featured popular people. When I asked to Feature one of funky's projects, they said they couldn't because they already featured him once a month, and that was too much.

I think the home tab would be a good idea. Maybe even get the rising projects in that tab.


I get what you are saying. I agree with you fully, except for the Home. The only reason is it is really annoying to look throughand see the same projects, when I look through Featured and Trending everyday.

Also, the activity tab is really annoying (congrats on the Auto-Folllow :wink:). I hate how the green pops up every 2-10 seconds.


Also great use of the word baloney. I love that, and never thought to use it in that way :slightly_smiling:


And because they want to shine the spot light on new -ish hopscotchers


Pretty sure that's what 'rising' is for... :sweat_smile: @Stampys_fans


Yeah the green light is hyper irritating... especially since like 95% of the people leave hopscotch quickly... :sweat_smile:


face palms self


Yes! I check at the people who are 30min (ish) and none of them (rarely one) made a project. My first project was bird doing all this crazy stuff with the pre-setted abilities. it was amazing, but I deleted it (sorry)

Also @MagmaPOP you are amazing I don't know what's in your mushy little brain but USE IT!!!


Sooo many good points here:

-- Featured: The goal of featured is to show off the best projects to inspire and entertain people. Part of this is helping people see that, if they work really hard, they can maybe someday make something as good or that gets on trending. For this to be possible, Featured needs to be diverse. So we're always balancing how often to feature the same people when they make amazing things.

We certainly do not always get it right or catch everything awesome. We'd love the community's help identifying good projects. If you want to help us, favorite things that you think are amazing (and then send us an email so we know to check your favorites).

-- Home / Featured / Trending: Totally hear you and thanks for voicing this. Agree that it's nice to have both featured and trending in one place. We removed "home" to simplify channels and make them clearer (especially for new Hopscotchers). We're always considering what is best though, so will talk about it. Why did you like this more?

-- Activity center being annoying: ugh—this shouldn't happen! It sounds like there's a bug and we'll look into it. You shouldn't get so many notifications.

-- Lolllllll @PopTart0219 Hopscotchers come up with the craziest stuff we could never, in a million years, have imagined. Please please please keep using your brains!


I liked that there not only were projects that like you said inspire and entertain, but also the ones that many people already liked. Also I don't get notifications. I turned them off. @Liza

  1. How did you turn it off 2. I think it gott feachered just now or something!!!!!!!!!


OMG! You featured it! Thank you so much! Thought you wouldn't do it after all this explaining and stuff! :laughing: @Liza


This is a good example for studying what motivates us. As coders, we may recognize ourselves as the products of another kind of code, some of which apparently writes itself! It is that "code" that catches my attention here. I think it requires debugging, though I want to approach that task delicately and with kindness: The above-quoted statement is incorrect and misleading, to the extent that it is incomplete.

What is being contemplated is a thing called "glory". Everybody seems to want "glory", but holding it gracefully is not easy. It's like fire.

I would encourage you to consider what it could mean to become a glory addict, a glory prisoner and a glory victim, if the statement "There is no such thing as enough likes [from other people]" were taken to its natural conclusion concerning why "anyone [would] continue doing stuff."

I volunteer an opinion that no wonderful or significant thing in history has had such a shallow and illegitimate motivation. There is always something more. There has always been something more, even though the quoted statement seems to neglect that. Perhaps I am wrong. But, to me, greatness seems to set itself into motion, and to become its own source. Allow yourself to at least consider what that means.

My statement is probably also flawed. But whatever the right outlook, I really hope we can find a truer motivation for the things we do than the weightless praise of those who have made no real investment in giving it. May I offer one idea? Before "publishing" your next project - before hitting that button (that isn't even a real button!) on your glass tablet - ask yourself, "Do I really like my own work?" When you can answer in the affirmative, you may find that this special "like" from the creator of your own project weighs more than all the rest of the "likes" in the world and that it provides the real reason for why you continue "doing stuff." I sure hope so.

With the foregoing as my investment - an investment of at least more than just pressing a little heart - let me say, @MagmaPOP, I "like" your codes! They're often beautiful. Their value, however, is not found the praise or "glory" that you receive from others for having made them. Surely, you can perceive more than that! Their value is the inspiration that others draw from them - which, yes, you may see in the form of emulation or "copying". I "like" your projects for what they are. And... I hope you don't care one bit!

(Hint: I guess this is where you can sound clever and say, "I don't")


On The Topic Of Featured

@Liza I'm a crazy person. Not insane. Just funny and awkward :smile:


It is feature. @MagmaPOP, just saying, and it is great. You are great. Don't get put down because of something like this.


Obviously i care how many likes i get! Otherwise I wouldn't start this topic... :sweat_smile:
And If I really like something I created of course I will be disappointed if people don't get the chance to like / enjoy it too! :wink: @oio Also the fact that I like my project doesn't mean its good... likes show that it is!


@MagmaPOP you have at least me and my other secret accounts behind ya. Here's another one for @Liza.


Okay so that probably won't happen but you get the idea


After one of the updates it asked if i wanted notifications. I tapped the no button! :wink:
But you can change it in the settings!


Where is settings??????????????????????