THIS TOPIC IS A WIP (Don’t bother replying)



Seriously, this is a WIP topic. Don’t bother replying.

Don’t mind the other stuff on this post.


So, please don’t reply, currently this is a discussion topic for a drawing pad contest thing. I’ll be editing this.





Edit in links to drawing pads here!

  • Please don’t mess up the list.
  • Edit in more than one drawing pad, but not multiple versions of the same pad.
  • No pixel art pads, please.
  • You may not enter multiple drawing pads by the same creator.
  • You can enter other people’s drawing pads, but make sure to put that the drawing pad was coded by them. And make sure it’s actually theirs. For example, Grizzlyzoe just recoded iMeow’s whole drawing pad so there was no watermark at the top covering her drawings. (She gave credit to iMeow.)
  • It’s okay to enter a drawing pad coded by someone who is not on the forum or one by someone who has left (e.g. @MagmaPOP).

Creator: @IShallNotBeNamed
Name Of Drawing Pad: Art Pad WIP

Creator: @Hopscotcher
Name Of Drawing Pad: HopPad!

Creator: @LunaMorgana387
Name Of Drawing Pad: Luna HSB Draw Pad

Name Of Drawing Pad:

Name Of Drawing Pad:


Hi! Although I meant for Amberheart to make a wiki on the first post, but okay!
Oh wait, LunaMorgana387 made it, thanks!
Let’s make this a judge-discussion topic!


(About what I didn’t fully get the idea XD)


We’re making a drawing pad contest.


Want to be co-hosts?
Also, should we have more judges than just me and you?


I’m bothered replying


Go ahead and reply. I don’t really care.
I don’t know why I put that in the title if I don’t care.


Everyone should be a judge, really. But you can’t vote for yourself. Each person will have three votes.


And how are we going to enforce—
Oh yeah, multiple choice with a vote limit.
But how are we going to enforce the voting for yourself thing?


No polls; just voting manually. Don’t worry, I’ll be in charge of the data.


Okay, that works.


I might make one just to enter. WOuld this be allowed?