This site turns your pics into pixel art templates


I thought I'd "bump" this because a lot of people are doing pixel art now.


Woah! I finally got "popular link"!


I bet @Dude73 would be interested in this. :D


This is pretty cool!
And actually, @IShallNotBeNamed, you got the badge “Famous Link” on it! You’re the only one who has it!

A Butterfly Pixelated


Woah, that’s probably my most notable forum achievement now, though all I want is for the link to continue to be useful.


Happy anniversary @IShallNotBeNamed!!!
Also congrats for the “Famous Link” badge! (You’re the only one… yet XD) (and I know I am 8 days late)
I still have my old forum pic (the remixed coffee cup trail art of yours) just let me find it


Is anybody going to talk about how The Link has 1,900 clicks


Actually, 3.5K.