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I meant project link/uuid

Glad you found a workaround


This would be an ideal scenario for controller support – 4 people playing at the same time, on a TV or large monitor, against each other. Coding the controller support was pretty fun too… after some polishing I might as well “release” it.

(@Crosbyman64 figured I might tag you since usually you’re the one adding controller support, might be cool to exchange ideas, you know?)


Eyyy dang you work at hopscotch now lol

Pretty epic

Also modding is a thing??
Times change xD


Not currently – I interned during summer twice

Always has been (?)

They sure do


Cool. Also, I just realized the rug is really a food tray that had been darkened a lot.

4-player games are really cool, although, some games wouldn’t be able to handle it, as more clones can lead to more lag, depending on the device and how many clones are active in a scene. There are some games (including platformer’s like Spy Guy’s two-player test) that can share their clones with another section of the screen.

From what I’m seeing in your example, the cursor is controlled by the Left Analog Stick, and the tapping action is controlled by the X button (PS4) or A button (XBOX), if I’m presuming correctly.


Oh wow, this is a really cool, very well done!


Yeah this would be a really good thing to do as well

Yep, pretty standard. There are a few things that differ though:

  • In addition to point and click, you can use right analog or d-pad to navigate between rooms
  • lock boxes use the right joystick to change between and enter numbers, with B/circle to cancel and A/X to confirm
  • boss fight uses left and right bumper buttons for shield and attack, and the left trigger for healing
  • the secret achievement has a different button to press

@Awesome_E I got a little question:

In the VCard setup in Project Composer for all of the icons in choose from list, what type of encoding is used for the icons?

And how does it get contacts for the renamed item if they didn’t exist beforehand?

Edit: nevermind, I found out it’s Base64


I also just learned that the V in VCards stands for “Virtual,” and the file format .vcf stands for Virtual Contact File.

I’m also updated my Focus Manager Shortcut to use them (although I made them as .gz archives).

Here’s a screenshot I just took. Some parts were intentionally blurred, though you can kind of make one of the words out…

Focus Manager Selection Screenshot


@Awesome_E, when I try to run it, it says: “the file ae-shortcuts-data.json couldn’t be opened”

what should I do?

Depending on what you’re trying to use it for, you should either use HPCX or the Project Builder.

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@Awesome_E I just made a simple shortcut called Hopscotch Quick Actions, which is basically a simplified version of your Project Composer. I have already tested the shortcut, and it all works as intended.

I would like to know if I’d be allowed to share the link here. I’ll put it in edit history for pending.


I just updated the project. Refer to this edit history instead.

Here’s a preview of what this shortcut is capable of:

I chose just the common global traits users will most likely want to change, such as the player version, the stage size, and a way to enable/disable advanced mode.

Note: project will be saved automatically

If the auto-set feature is enabled, choosing “Set Player Version” will automatically set the version to the auto-set version.


And by project, I obviously meant Shortcut.


@Awesome_E I just created another shortcut that the other shortcut uses. The links are in edit history.

What’s new?

  • the current player version, stage size, and advanced mode details now show
  • the shortcut now goes through some checks to see if the file is valid.


I recently found out you can rename any magic variable. It’s actually a really good way to make a shortcut easier to understand in case you need to debug it, especially if you have a bunch of “Matches” results (which can be hard to understand where they got their matches from)…

Some Common magic variables (I think) one might rename include (but aren’t limited to)…

  • Text
  • Split Text
  • Matches (I actually rename these now)
  • If Result
  • Calculation Result

I think I use that feature in HPCX already, though only in a few spots (i.e. things I reuse more than 1 time)


Yeah, I realized that after looking in your Check Filter shortcut…


@Awesome_E there are quite some big changes in Siri Shortcuts going into iOS 17. Luckily, none of them will break any of your current shortcuts (though only time will tell if something will break)…

(TL;DR, none of the following are particularly useful for any Hopscotch related Shortcuts)

  • You can now choose to set the Media or Ringtone Volume in Set Volume (although, who’s gonna use it for that?)
  • Shortcuts added some new actions, though most are related to Cellular.

The biggest change is in the Automations. It’s gotten a complete overhaul.

  • When creating an automation, you’ll no longer have to tap on “Personal Automation” or “Hone Automation.”
  • All automations can now be ran without Confirmation (before, you couldn’t do it for things like “When connected to Wi-Fi,” “When connected to Bluetooth,” “When I get a message,” “When I get an email,” etc.). Some don’t show the option until you finish making the shortcut and edit it.
    • In my case, the Bluetooth one is very useful because now I can make my headset play music when I connect them to my iPad (can’t do it for my AirPods Max because they are technically always connected, unless they run out of juice)…
  • You can now make an automation for when Wi-Fi or Bluetooth disconnects
  • You can choose to make it run one of your existing shortcuts or create a new blank automation.
  • There’s also a new Automation trig., but I won’t mention for the sake of privacy.

I’m going to attempted to create another Hopscotch related shortcut. I’ll do plenty of testing to ensure no data is lost or corrupted.

(I am not responsible for any loss or corrupted data).

Right now, I’m looking in the JSON code to see if I can sense a pattern…

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