This Siri Shortcut Can Modify your Projects | 𝓐𝔀𝓮𝓼𝓸𝓶𝓮_𝓔

Yeah that’s pretty much the idea


I wanted to add secret block to a project so i used the project builder and saved it to files and when i opened hopscotch, the draft didn’t change


Assuming you’re on iOS 15, you need to edit the “Save Project” shortcut, go to the last “Save File” action, show more options, and turn on “Overwrite if File exists”


Ok i turned it on and it still wont work

And you exited the draft before overriding it?

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Yes i did, i also exited hopscotch to make sure

Yeah then I’m not sure. If you want to provide more details, a screen recording would help.

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Ok i was playing with secret blocks and what does this do?

It is a very long set angle code


iirc it points at something (a finger, an object, etc)


^^ What Tri-Angle said – replace object x & object y with the coordinates to point the current object towards


Is this the same issue you’re facing? Can you send a video of the process you’re going through while saving?


Yes… but you have to open a project first with the open button on the top left. Then, paste a URL or open a draft file. Then you can edit by dragging blocks and editing raw JSON (no drag and drop parameters, sadly).

I don’t have much time to explain as I gtg, but perhaps someone else can give you a better run-down of how it works


Oh ok uhmmm

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(not a rickroll)
Tiny bit outdated depending on ios

Ios 15 go into save project and select replace if needed

Now that the official web editor is released, it’s time to migrate the project builder’s functionality to there in the form of a chrome extension[1]

  1. Interface so far. Fully undo/redo compatible because the HS web editor was built from the ground up in a way where it has to be undo/redo compatible to save the changes. #goodcodedesign /srs[2]

  1. How the rest of that keyboard section will be laid out (most likely): each heading (i.e. Project Enhancements) will probably be a section on the keyboard

(will only include things that work on project builder, so nothing in code management below removing unused code, and nothing above Gradient BG in Imported Libraries)

  1. If I decide to migrate over project stats, it will be in a new section, and the new section names will be “Utilities”, “Search”, and “Statistics” (or “Stats”) to fit in the keyboard.


  1. and a Firefox addon – I do in fact support development of things that aren’t designed exclusively for Chromium without any testing for other platforms, despite the oversight of scrollIntoViewIfNeeded having improper support ↩︎

  2. this ensures all features added will immediately have consistent editor feature support, which is a good thing. Plus, I’m pretty proud of the revision stack I’ve built – it’s probably capable of collaboration ↩︎


Ayy I’m super excited for this!! I’m assuming there’s a mode in the extension to toggle between the block pane and the modding tools pane?

Custom preset support?? Secret blocks??? Code collaboration????? No pressure, but to me this is literally starting to rival Scratch, especially for power users, so please keep going :)
(At some point, I’d like to help with more of this too, but I’ve got a lot to learn)

I’d love to test out the Firefox extension in the future too! I basically never use Chrome, so you’ve got that going for ya haha


Yes, the wrench button does that

Yes, that’s what that menu will be. It’ll only load when you can edit the project though (meaning no modding in view only projects)

(collaboration will be somewhere in there, idk where yet. Implementation might be a little tricky, so it will probably be a later release)

oooOOOOOooohhh… XD

Yeah and since this is code running on your device, it’ll be open source. That should help, though I am still not great with bundlers + build techniques. Still learning there too (oh well)

Respect +1 (plus, I would really dislike forcing someone to use Chrome or any Chromium-based browser… I’ve mained Firefox for a really short period over online school, and one feature other than not Chrome that I loved is ctrl-tab vs CMD+alt+left/right)

I’m running a build system that builds both at once so it is still 1 extension to develop. It usually is a pain to get both builds working, but I think it’s totally worth it, partly because one day I’d like to be able to use Firefox without its downsides. (Hopefully I’m not too optimistic, because it’s much easier to debug extensions in Chrome, plus some development things FF just won’t support, like backdrop-filter, zoom, and scrollIntoViewIfNeeded, to name a few)


At this point, adding secret blocks to a Hopscotch has become the HS modding equivalent of getting DOOM to run on a new device/platform/smart fridge/whatever.

And believe me the browser extension makes that really fast:


Screen Recording 2022-08-28 at 10.50.59 AM
Here’s optimizing color parameters in action. It’s also a testament to the project revision system’s expandability – all I had to do to get that working was to add a function to update more than 2 blocks at a time and pass through the changed blocks!


yo this is sick
i’m so excited for the new update :D