This Siri Shortcut Can Modify your Projects | ๐“๐”€๐“ฎ๐“ผ๐“ธ๐“ถ๐“ฎ_๐“”

Really? :eyes:
I remember asking this a while ago, actually

In that case, Iโ€™ll be reading the docs inside and out :wink:

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You have got to teach me how to do that haha

Yeah, definitely not the first to read about it but the first to implement it yourself โ€“ good luck and feel free to ask questions here or on The Hopscotch Webplayer


I was wondering if there was a separate topic for that
Thanks! Anyway, I have to work on an essay first

Also thanks for the photo fix :)


I read the document, thereโ€™s no section on arrow keys; or you mean something else?

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check hardware โ€“ check one key in a list, then get the keycode for arrow keys by using

(arrow keys are โ† 37, โ†‘ 38, โ†’ 39, โ†“ 40)



HS Builder is currently incompatible with local variables. They currently cannot identify by name, and local variables set at the custom rule or object level will be deleted if you โ€œremove deleted codeโ€, as the code is not recognized at that level



I looked into the structure a little bit, and it seems that local variables are purely defined by their name, which I find super interesting. No IDs to track variables, just things at various scopes like any other languages. I do remember a little bit of discussion on this, but honestly the implementation is really cool!

HS Builder Update timing is very questionable, maybe end of the year but no promises yet.


You can actually get the block-

Itโ€™s too hard to explain, Iโ€™ll show a video

So basically if you use the set block it can be moved in and out of when blocks.

That is really cool
Itโ€™s basically the same block



Yeah I know. I was discussing the variable itself though, not the block.
(I think you can also put other blocks outside of the rule through editing though I have not gotten the time to test that :thinking:)


Update: you can see local variables and rules inside of objects for newer projects, but I still donโ€™t recommend saving from HS Builder right now, as custom rules donโ€™t work properly with local variables yet.


Regarding the new โ€œCommentโ€ block,

this is DIFFERENT from the โ€œNoneโ€ block which is currently used for _ae_webplayer_action. I do plan to add support for executing modded actions from the newly added (official) โ€œcommentโ€ block.

So for modded actions, you will still need secret blocks.


Code printing in the project builder, because why not?
Warning: performance is really bad with larger projects


@Awesome_E, when i save the modified project, it redirects me to shortcut, which is completely normal

but since iPadOS15 it doesnโ€™t ask me anymore to rename the duplicated file (it just add a little 2 after the file name)

so technically the project builder isnโ€™t working for me. Is there another way to save the modified file? I really need to import codes because i made 2 algorithms separately and itโ€™ll take me hours to copy manually the code.

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You need to edit the shortcut, and in the save file action, show advanced options and turn on overwrite if exists.

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it works, thanks a lot!!


@Awesome_E, when do you think your project builder can support local variables? Itโ€™s impossible for me to delete every local variables in my project bc i use them a lot


Do you use them in custom rules? Thatโ€™s the only rendering I donโ€™t support. It could still retain the data after modifications but I havenโ€™t tested it yet.

As for deleting them, you need to delete all of their occurrences, as local variables are limited to their scope (they arenโ€™t stored in the variables array!). Searching the project for the name of local variables in the project builder DOES work.

As for when I will complete support (custom rules added), Iโ€™m not entirely sure. Maybe sometime in January?

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i use them everywhere, and for the objects that contain local variables they disappear

sorry, i donโ€™t really understand those parts in your post ):
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Hmm okayโ€ฆ

Well then thatโ€™s not true. What I meant was that if you made changes, the local variables could have still stayed there when saving back to the app.

You can use the search function in the project builder to search for blocks that use the local variable

As in โ€œWhen I will finish adding support for custom rules and saving projectsโ€

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