This Siri Shortcut Can Modify your Projects | 𝓐𝔀𝓮𝓼𝓸𝓶𝓮_𝓔

ae you should add autosave–

so mad


If I get through the rest of the stuff this week, I will definitely try to


Also if I have time, but this is a bit tricky to get working with large projects because of local storage limits


i mean a minimum autosave/autoupload (like 5-10 minutes interval) would be nice, i’m not saying instantly autosave each modification lol

but on the other side it’s also my fault to code 2 hours straight and not exit to save :(


Yeah, I know. But it’s still something that’d take a little time to figure out

iOS just kills something from memory whenever it wants to, so I wouldn’t even trust it for more than 5 minutes straight. And to fully clear the canvas and whatever other page memory, it seems like you have to force quit the browser to reset that.

Since the web explorer allows you to discard edits to your draft, I’m not sure whether to make auto-saving local (so it restores from there if it crashes) or via upload to server. I’ll discuss this on Monday and see what everyone else thinks


Oh, also, I’m taking name suggestions for the browser extension. Currently, it’s Spider HS because it crawls around in the web, but I think it could be better.

@TheModders ^^

The design for a play project page (improved upon the old design):


I mean think about it!! The only thing Hopscotch is missing is custom audio and an animation system, and even though that’s a lot Scratch doesn’t have those cool things yet either :')

(Ok granted Scratch does have studios, comments and a lot of other things but still)

Yeah that totally makes sense. I have zero clue if this will help you but here’s a data structure you could use for the collaboration part:

There’s a bunch of papers on it and stuff, so it seems pretty technical. But maybe there’s a JS lib for this or something, I dunno lol

Honestly, when I start building up on tabs I usually just nuke all my tabs and start over with whatever I’m focused on. Keeps things organized :stuck_out_tongue:
There’s browser history for a reason, right?

Anyways, what build system are you using? I think I’ve heard of one like that.
If you’re concerned about browser portability, it’s probably safe to fire up Firefox (at least for a moment) and do a quick black box test [1] before you deploy, just to mitigate the more obvious bugs that may arise from your build system haha. There’s probably a way to add polyfills, too. (See this page: Building a cross-browser extension - Mozilla | MDN)

@Awesome_E I can’t believe it… You made modded Hopscotch runnable on a smart fridge… :')
(You can run websites on Samsung smart fridges with screens, so I’m guessing it would work if the web version has touch support!!)

  1. Testing the application without interacting with the underlying code unless you need to. (This is my first time adding a footnote!) ↩︎


Feedback: This kinda feels like a half-dark mode. Any plans to add a dark theme for the blocks? :eyes:

Honestly, maybe just a save button would be cool, if not autosave!


Believe it or not, I don’t think I’d need to research much to get collaboration working. It’s all in the Project Revision system I created. I don’t want to come off as arrogant though :sweat_smile:, but that’s one of the things I am most proud of while making this whole thing – a really solid revision system

Build system for? The extension? I’m currently just using npm scripts (not much)

Browser support issues are much more rare than the whole thing just not building, but once those structural differences are accounted for, there’s little issues after that

Literally thought about this.

That’s true – but it makes a bigger difference than you’d initially think.

Would be cool, but probably not doable in a week for the official version.

The problem is if it crashes unexpectedly before you hit that, so a save button wouldn’t be quite the same


Name ideas!

If you wanted to keep the theme of spiders:

  • Charlotte HS: Kinda like Charlotte’s Web, the kids book
  • Itsy HS: Like the Itsy Bitsy Spider nursery rhyme?

Some other name ideas based off of aliens:

  • UFO HS: There are a lot of aliens and robots! You could try to add some fake lore and a cool icon with it haha. Also UFOs can move pretty fast, so it could kind of work as a drop in analogy for spider haha
  • Think of a name that Robot from HS would name their spaceship! Or a name from the other dome alien dude/Cosmic Cody.
  • Cosmic HS: Name it after Cosmic Cody!

For other context:

  • I was thinking of naming my HS programming language “Jumprope” (when I actually make it…) based off of playground activities, but obviously this is a WIP name. Also it seems that there’s a grading LMS system called JumpRope so I dunno.

If I think of anything better today I’ll get back to you on this haha


That’s optional – but I do want the name to be identifiable as HS-related (if possible, even without “HS” in the name) and to be able to tell right away that this is the extension doing the project editor modding

Interesting, but I’m not too sure how aliens have to do with it? I chose spider originally because it’s literally on the web, but I digress.

Sounds pretty cool, but I’m not sure how I’d explain the name

This could work – but the part of the name that would suggest that it’s doing the modding on the web is still eluding me :thinking:

That’s a pretty cool idea

It could even be something simple like “HopKit: The Ultimate Toolkit for your Hopscotch projects” (which sounds nice but isn’t all that exciting of a name)


Aliens are cool, and Hopscotch has them! Also, technically people who don’t know what spider-crawling is wouldn’t really be able to tell that it’s a web tool just from it being spider themed, I think, but then again the target audience is probably mostly power users anyways…

Unless it’s more like, web-site… actually, that’s a pretty good pun lol :)
If you wanted to try making a pun off internet, you could name it after an outdoor sport somehow?
My first thought is Lacrosse:

But basically every outdoor sport has a net in it, like soccer, basketball and volleyball.

I’m not a huge fan of these names but food for thought:

  • Lacrosse
  • Slam Dunk: “Nothin’ but net” (this one is just funny lol)

Honestly these would be more of a hard stretch though.

This represents an easy way (or IDE) for adding secret blocks, images, and project parameters. So with this in mind, here’s some other IDE names you could take inspiration from:

  • NetBeans (Java; beans analogy)
  • PyCharm (Python; snake charming)
  • RubyMine (Ruby; mine for gems)
  • ScotchTape (Hopscotch; named after a type of duct tape? Scotch is a brand so maybe it’s not the best, but this is just an example)

Or you could call it something more broad:

  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • IntelliJ IDEA
  • Eclipse
  • Code::Blocks
  • Xcode

I tried thinking of a name idea like this but I’ll get back to you, because my mind is kind of empty at the moment haha


yeah that’s more what it is – it’s on the web editor… I mean technically a spider is a “web editor”

that might be a little harder to understand than a spider being a web editor

I guess – I didn’t get the puns until you just explained it for the first two, but those aren’t bad

This is funny, but like you also said, it is already another brand.

Maybe but preferably not

Could maybe also think of something with HS character names, especially Robo


Can someone please help with this, I don’t know why it’s not working

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from where did you run the shortcut? safari app or shortcut app?


Shortcut app, is that the issue?

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yes - you should run from safari if i’m not mistaken


wait which shortcut did you run?


I ran it with the “Run HS JSON”, it worked when I used safari but now it can’t open a file. I might know why though

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Ok I got the file saved but now how do I change the file it’s just letters and numbers

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i cannot reply you because i only have “Save HS Project”

however i think i’ll go read every other available shortcuts now