This Siri Shortcut Can Modify your Projects | ๐“๐”€๐“ฎ๐“ผ๐“ธ๐“ถ๐“ฎ_๐“”

Not yet, but Iโ€™m working on it


Ok. Tag me when itโ€™s out.

Hi @Awesome_E , I donโ€™t know if this is the correct topic to ask in, but I have a question about the Project Builder on your GitHub page.

Does the File Size in the Project Traits section include images in the project, or is it just the size of the .hopscotch file?


^ this one

The images are stored separately from the file; if I wanted to include that size I would need to download the images as well

and if you have any more questions here is definitely the place to ask


Ok, thanks for the response! I guess Iโ€™ll just have to sum up the image file sizes.


So youโ€™re saying that the final evolution of coding Hopscotch projects is with a new language called hopscript that allows you to write different pieces of your code separately in one GitHub repo, and an npm package compiles it into one .hopscotch project when you build it? (Note: thatโ€™s pretty much what TypeScript is)

I just made that up but it sounds so cool


I had this idea too! I was gonna pitch it to you but I let it slip from my memory. I think even the name I made up mightโ€™ve been the same as yours (Hopscript).

Yes, that would be amazing! Hopscript could be a dialect of Python, or maybe JS โ€“ a high level language โ€“ for simplicity and easy syntax among new coders. Code could also be automated much easier with a higher level language to work with and compile into.

Iโ€™ve tried making a programming language parser once in Python. Itโ€™s pretty fun and hard at the same time.


yes hopscript is the final evolution!
A high level language of the already highest level language of Hopscotch!

(Woah would this mean hopscript is somehow a lower level language than Hopscotch itself?)

# Catch The Bear, Make Him Grow!

class SuperBear:
    image = โ€œBear.pngโ€
    xPosition = 10
    yPosition = 100
    when 7 == 7:
        if self.xPosition > 1000:
            self.xPosition = 100
    when self.isTouched == true:
        growBy(self.sizeAsPercent * 1.1)

Iโ€™m gonna make a topic for this!


Is there a way to use this shortcut without safari?

I donโ€™t maintain the standalone shortcut anymore, but you might still be able to find a download link for โ€œv1.6.2 finalโ€ on this topic somewhere. Just know I wonโ€™t add any features or fix any bugs with it

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So some of the old shortcuts work. And also im not sure this is the right place but you really inspired me with coding

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Does this still work?

Editing Raw
Your Siri shortcut shows the code when running. Is there a way to make it so you can edit just the raw code?

Picture1 (json code)

Color and Math Optimization
On your web page it has a description on color and math optimization when using the shortcut you require safari. But when trying to replace the safari block with a get contents of url block it doesnโ€™t work. With thinking more and more is that safari block even required?

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Moved here as it doesnโ€™t need its own topic

Youโ€™re using a way old versionโ€ฆ use this version

Read post 2 and the help guide linked in post 1, those should help you learn how to use the shortcut a bit more


Got thanks for helping

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So from my understanding the only way to use it is to have safari?

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No, you just need to download the shortcut first. Then it can run offline

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But safari is restricted for me

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