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Custom Set Dictionary Poll

I’m thinking of a custom ability dictionary for a tool in my shortcut.

Here’s the gist:

  1. You pick a variable to be the input (must be a variable, either iPad or self).
  2. It’s like a JSON get value; each input gives one specific output. Each input/output is created in a webpage that allows you to edit the input and output numbers or text. Based on the input, the output will either be “set text”, “set image”, or “set variables”.
  3. These results will act like a JSON structure (key value pairs) as mentioned – you can then put the newly made custom ability (user chooses name) into the project and it will convert the input variable into a certain ouput (which can be a value or action).

JSON Example:

    "1": [0, "Hello", "#6E6"], //text: hello, color: lime
    "2": [0, "World", "#000"], //text: world, color: black
    "3": [1, 0], //set image, character: monkey
    "4": [2, "var", 123] //output variable: number

This would be the output.

You will be able to import a JSON file like the example above or you can use the guided editor that the web browser provides. You will also have the option to export JSON from the editor to save your work, but importing from a project ability will not be an option.

“Why only output variables + those two actions?”

  • Everything else can pretty much be controlled by that variable. Advanced use cases such as variable for every action will also be a functionality by raw json code script for each.
    ↑ please ask more on that, I understand it’s a little confusing ↑

Useful for:

  • Game Dialogs
  • Conversions
  • Variable to set image
  • etc.

Equivalent of: using JSON to execute code

Hey, @Good-Es, have a look at this. Also, lmk if you want a sketch of what the dictionary editor could look like or if you have questions or suggestions.

  • Fantastic idea
  • Petrichor should have made your webplayer fix
  • Bad idea
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Oh and this goes under the “abilities” trait to modify in the project.