This should stop


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idk = I don't know

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Reviving this, Replies help me more than likes no offense


Yah, I suppose I agree to some point. I agree with you that it can get a little annoying if it is done more than once. I think it would be kinda hard to stop it altogether, but improving it? That we could do. Maybe don't make it sound as harsh? I know that's not how you ment it to sound, but maybe try "It bothers me when people do this, do you guys agree?" Or something of the like. I know I sound like I'm criticizing what you said, and I guess I am. But please don't take it the wrong way, I mean it to be as nice as possible. Good luck!


It gets a little bit annoying when someone just says "idk".


ILikeBeef21: Hey, @pattycAke41, are you against LGBT
pattycAke41: idk XD



@HappyPerson Yah, I agree, especially with yes or no questions.


Why I sound harsh? It's actually a really long story, but I will make this short: If this certain youtuber never posted about a certain game, I would remain pure. If I said the game and the youtuber's name, there is a good chance I will get hate.

Sorry I can't explain too much about it. Also, the reason I used "annoying" instead of "bother" is because I think people listen to you better if you use words with more emotion and anger linked to it.

I am not taking it the wrong way though, I am just explaining why I use certain words when there are words that mean the same thing and are less harsh.


Ok, thanks for explaining!


What if someone is asking a question directed at you and you really don't know


I can't say I can agree with this topic, sorry.

Like if you really didn't know what to say I don't think it's a problem.


But what about this: Remember when I said it's unnecessary to say "I don't know"?

@Mr.rex then it's okay to say it



If you use emotion and anger in your words, people get upset and flag.

Although I may have used some strong angry words in my lil' rant down here

As for the top post...

Oh, this may be a little offending...

Yep, a little offensive

Okay.. I get the "idk" thing... But if the person doesn't know, sometimes it's best to say that, especially when the person tags someone asking them. Like if someone asked me to help them answer a question, would it really be nicer to leave them hanging and not say anything at all. About the "Unnecessary" thing, I strongly disagree. Saying that a topic is unnecessary is simply a way to keep the forum clean. As long as someone doesn't say it in a mean way, like:

OMG, this topic is sooo unnecessary, get it out of here and make a new one.
I really think that saying a topic is unnecessary is necessary, because it's just telling them that they need to change it up and maybe make something more necessary in a nice way.
One last thing... Saying "No Offense" makes it no less offensive then it is.


Goodness that was annoying LOL. This is crazy.


ye that wasn't offensive

flagging? Well, I guess I would rather not be suspended.

Can you please tell me if you think this will be flagggd?


Probably not :D

It's a good topic, I just disagree with some of it @Ihasfluffycupcakes



In my opinion, yes it's not very helpful when you (for example) ask for help on code (or whatever) and someone comes in and replies "Um idk". It is probably better just to not reply at all and ignore.

However, if someone specifically asks you, then you should answer them. Even if you don't know the answer, it would be rude to ignore them.


Wait, you aren't Dude73? I AM SO RELIVED. (sorry for caps XD)

Well, the topics gone. But like I said, not being suspended is still good.

But why'd you say "probably not" instead of just "no"? What have I done wrong?


I don't know, really, there's always a chance someone will flag.


Yea, but they probably won't due to the lack of proof.

Also, you never answered why you said "Probably not" instead of "No"


What did you say ihasfluffycupcskes