This should actually be in a new update!



Maybe in Hopscotch, you could have levels, like you when you gain likes or a trending or a featured, you get points and when you reach a certain number of points, you can get Halloween characters for free, and at a higher level you can use pictures and costumized sounds! For example, say if you level up and you can use pictures. But you can only use pictures one project. But when you level up you can use pictures for two projects and so on. This way, there will still be subscriptions for unlimited pictures.Well, there is one flaw. If you work days on a project and you get 5 likes,you won't get many points. Well, maybe you could earn points on how hard you worked on a project or if you use certain blocks like sin and cos. Well, tell me wat u think. I hope @Liza will see this!


I've thought of this idea too! I guess the new Hopscotch "Skills" are sort of a way of doing this!


I guess so, but you don't pictures or characters when you level up.


Really, all you get is a "badge" that can't really be used for anything, but hey, it's a start on a feature that could be amazing in a few months! :smiley:


Well, Snoopy we meet again!


Sorry, I had to:


I hope THT notices this!


I saw the first meme before! :joy:


Yup! You could tag them or send them an email!
I'm sure they would appreciate this idea!


Maybe I'll tag @Liza right now!Well, I just did that.


Anybody going to talk about this? Sorry, I'm a bit impatient.


My turn!


Reviving this topic!


Nah, then it will be unfair, like me and @Zachyswag. Only 1 or 2 features in a year!


I reccomend working months on aproject. It hgets about 600 likes after featured.


Great idea! It would be cool if it will be added!


I mean, I work on a project for a few days and get it featured sometimes.


That's such a great idea!
@Meg @asha @Rodrigo


How is that unfair?
It was the same with me m8.


Yeah ik. Just pointing put that spending months in a project makes it good. To everyone but you.